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Has Social Media Dwarfed Google Search?

For a long time Google search has been ruling the roost. Probably due to this every one of us is led to believe that internet means Google. Climbing to the first page of Google search results has become imperative. Online marketing has become synonymous with Google search. But is that the truth? Has the online market decisively shifted towards social media? This post tries to explode the myth of the Google supremacy.

The entry of social media into online marketing

Social media such as Facebook and Twitter are extremely popular platforms. However, online marketers viewed this as purely personal media where people exchanged their views on matters which had little to do with marketing. Slowly, people who were active on these social media platforms found ways to get their marketing message through. The power of Facebook lies in the fact that you can get other likeminded souls to form a group. As far as Twitter is concerned, spreading the word has never been simpler. I have known people with tens of thousands of followers – ready to do their bidding. StumbleUpon, Delicious and like sites can get the attention of thousands of readers.

What’s happening to Google search?

Meanwhile Google organic search has become more and more complicated. Google has introduced Penguin, Panda and other less threatening updates have caused an upheaval in the online space. Many of us just don’t know what’s happening. Genuine sites and blogs have faced the axe. In short, your future on Google search is uncertain at best and tragic at worst. Search engine optimization is   like playing dice – you win sometimes and you lose sometimes, but you can never be sure. On top of that keywords such as ‘money’, ‘fast cash’ and ‘pay day loans’ have become prohibitively expensive in Google paid search.  There are many marketers bleeding out there in the open with wounds as big as a SUV.

How this has impacted on the flow of traffic?

This confusion in search space meant that some other marketing tool would take its place or at least challenge its supremacy. Social media found a fertile ground to grow in this environment. While Facebook and Twitter have become more and more accessible, Google has become darker than ever. IF you notice your traffic to your site or blog, the referral traffic from social sites has started competing with Google search. In some cases, where costly keywords are deployed, the social traffic comes far ahead of search.

What’s the future like?

This is my personal opinion but I think that somewhere down the line, search, as it exists in its present form, will die. Google is making things so difficult that one day people will give up on it and migrate to other platforms. The obvious alternative is social media. Of course, it’s possible that a friendlier search platform may emerge from nowhere – disruptive technology which will cause an upheaval.


We are witnessing a silent revolution where Google search is being replaced, though slowly, by social media. It’s time you too think over the issue.

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