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Handy Data Security Tips to Keep Your Data Secure from All Possible Hazards

One knows the importance of security of his sensitive data whether he owns a business or is an ordinary web surfer. You would be shocked to learn that in the last 5-6 years alone, the sensitive information of more than 350 million people has been tinkered with. Business owners have this additional stress of handling the safety and security of their sensitive information lest it falls in the hands of their competitors. Theft of data is today a big issue for all people. This article intends to provide useful tips and advice internet uses to ensure safety of their data.

Keep Information Close to Your Chest

This is not about believing in the goodness of the people out there in the world. There are people ready to take advantage of your gullibility. This is why never disclose sensitive information in front of a stranger. There are hackers and other people with bad intentions to misuse any information that can lay their hands upon.

Safeguard the Password

Your password is the key to your sensitive information though there are pros that can do without your password even. Always see to it that your password has enough strength containing a bizarre mix of alphabets and numbers that is hard to guess by a person. Short passwords get cracked easily so endure your password has at least 8 characters.

Encrypt the Valuable Information

You may not value encryption but changing the data into another format using a secret code makes it that much difficult to be decoded by unethical hackers. If you think the information is highly sensitive, make use of software to covert it into another format through encryption.

Sensible Surfing

Do not take anyone on face value. This applies to even websites you surf. Try to confine yourself to known and genuine websites while avoiding suspicious looking websites. Though this is not always easy to do, check the prefix https to make sure you are on the right website.

Prepare to Fight

There is no better way to ensure safety of your data than a strong anti virus program. There are both free as well as paid versions of anti virus programs available on the internet. Depending upon your requirements, you can choose a program that has the features to provide the right protection. For those doing business in NY, there are data recovery companies that ensure better protection of their data.

Say Bye-Bye to Broadband

It is believed that wireless internet is better than broadband in terms of data security. However, before finalizing a Wi-Fi provider company, ensure that it has the features like DoS and SPI for firewall protection.

Keep a Backup Copy

If there is any security breach, you are sure in the case of data backup. There are professional data backup companies in NYC and Staten Islands that ensure minimum loss of data through their back up services.

Keep Shredding

The old practice of shredding data was indeed helpful in preventing data leakage. There is much software available to help you in this endeavor of cleaning your hard drive.

Beware of Emails

Attacks through emails have become common these days. It thus becomes necessary to filter the emails before opening them. Email filter carries out security check so that no virus is able to attack the system when an email is opened.

Most people today are aware of the importance of securing their data and other sensitive information. In fact, many businesses today opt to hire the services of professional data recovery firms in NY as they get customized and personalized services.

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  • Jaspinder

    May 28, 2012, 3:26 pm

    wow.. these are nice ways.. 🙂 that is why i use linux operating systems.. those are safe.


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