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So Guest Posting is Dead Now, What’s Next?

It was expected and we all were prepared for it but do you think it can stop bloggers, webmasters and SEO service providers from creating backlinks?

No it can’t because the focus will shift to another platform. For example people may start building links via video submission at Youtube and other Video Submission websites. Although it is still happening but once the whole link building agencies, bloggers and webmasters focuses is shifted towards it, there will be another update required. The process of on going updates will continue throughout the whole life of Google. It can never stop.

Neither Google can stop releasing new updates and nor Internet Marketers can stop building links. It is a on going war and at end result is going to effect both. However Google is on a safer side and the team have already created a long term plan for a spam free search engine.

But the question is how Google can differentiate spam from the quality. It is difficult and that is why Matt Cutt has warned guest bloggers because the team knows that is impossible to differentiate the quality from spam. It is a kind of tactic which ultimately will lower the guest blogging activities but overall guest blogging will still provide benefits in terms of SEO. At least for the couple of years but meantime Google will try to manually take action against selective guest posting blogs. They are certainly looking for a better way to tackle guest blogging spam but only the time will tell how they are going to achieve this.

Backlinks and Google are considered as synonyms and it is hard for them to completely eliminate it from the Google Ranking factors. If we consider social signals as a alternative for the backlinks then again the shift will go on improving the social signals and the community will use the same techniques to acquire social signals just like the backlinks.

I personally believe Google can never stop markters from manipulating search results. As the focus will always shift towards the other techniques and ultimately spam will be the end result.

What do you think will happen next?

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  • Lot Bee

    January 23, 2014, 4:14 am

    What the experience taught is that where is light there is shadow, so there where is something to manipulate will be manipulated…
    Google is focusing more iand more in G+ and how many people you have in circles, if you have many people because you provide quality…
    Good article! Thank you!


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