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Great Ways to Save Money With Smartphone Apps!

For the past few years, the poor economy and overall recession has put a significant amount of financial strain on millions of people across the country.  While saving money is far more challenging than it is during periods of economic prosperity, there are several ways that a person could save money.  One of the best ways to save money is to use applications on your smartphone that are designed to help you save money.

Free ATM Finder

While most consumers have struggled to pay their bills, most banks have begun charging ATM fees to customers that do not have checking account with the bank. While paying for an ATM can be very frustrating, those with a smartphone are always just one click away from finding an ATM.  Most mobile banking applications on smartphones have a GPS tracker which will provide step by step, or turn by turn directions to get to the nearest ATM that will provide cash for free.

Comparing Prices

While shopping at any retail store you may find yourself curious as to whether the item you are considering buying could be had for cheaper somewhere else.  By using several different smartphone applications, such as Google Shopper or Red Laser, you can easily scan and upload the products barcode and find out what the item is being sold for at competing stores.  You can even purchase the item immediately through the competing store’s mobile application.

Saving Money on Gas

Over the past few years, the price of oil and gasoline has increased dramatically.  For those that drive to work, this means spending hundreds of extra dollars on gas each year.  Luckily, through the use of the Gas Buddy mobile application, you can always be sure that you will be able to find the cheapest gas around.  The Gas Buddy application will find yoru location and provide you with a list of the cheapest gas prices around.  The application can also provide you with turn by turn driving directions to get to the cheapest gas station.

Cutting Grocery Bills

While food is a complete necessity, most people end up spending far more money on groceries than they need to.  This is because they end up purchasing items that they don’t need, which ultimately waste away on the shelves of their pantry.  Through the use of the Grocery IQ mobile application, you can keep close track of exactly what you need to purchase on your next trip to the grocery store.  Whenever you run out of a food item, you can quickly scan the barcode on your smartphone, which will then automatically add the item to your next grocery list.  The Grocery IQ application also will keep track of your store rewards programs so that you know what discounts and coupons are available to you.

While most consumers are dealing with the negative ramifications of the recession, those that have a smartphone will always have access to many different applications that could help save money on a variety of products and services. Here’s to making your dollars stretch farther!

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