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Google’s Massive Street View Update

We all might have found ourselves spending hour upon hour at our desk or bed going through town after city on Google Maps’ Street View program. It has revolutionized the public access to getting an idea of what akes up the basic structures and aesthetic history of cities so distant to us. It is certainly one of Google’s crowning achievements, and they have shown this week that they are far from finished with its development.

Over 250,000 miles have been added into the database of Google’s Street View, which has opened up virtual visitations on places once inaccessible. Google is considering this update to Street View the largest effort ever for the program.

The list of new images is pretty extensive, but within the list include additions in France, the United States, Macau, England, Thailand, Norway and so on. According to Tech Crunch, seventeen countries have seen fresh updates all together.

google streen view update

Another notable addition to Street View is “Special Collections”. Though no examples of these have been seen yet, sources state that these “collections” will be made up of six different countries that feature high quality photos that are ideal for those looking to get the true idea of an area.

Google has continuously been on top of providing updates to Street View since the program began in 2007. At its beginning, the company had a lot of quirks to sort out, which included low-quality imagery plus a limited amount of area that was covered. They were quick to fix the imagery, with more enhanced quality popping up in 2008. Since then, more additions have been provided on in terms of location.

Of these include a mid-Summer 2012 addition that covered hiking trails that were only accessible by foot. Then just last month, Google unveiled Google Underwater, which allowed people to see coastal imagery that included the reefs of Australia.

These features are very bold, but the magnitude of the brand new additions are unmatched. In order to gain a perspective, it is necessary to realize that 250,000 miles is equivalent to traveling the circumference of the entire Earth nearly ten times.

These additions will continue to put Google at the forefront of modern mapping technology. They haven’t really had much to worry about, especially after the disastrous introduction of Apple’s solo attempt with their own maps.

After some personal testing, it looks like Google still has some work to do with adding even locations to the database. I went to see if the town that I went to college at (Ithaca, NY) had Street View imagery yet, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. Still, 250,000 miles is impressive enough that I am confident into Google’s ability to add more anyway.

Author Bio:- Josephine Girard is a content writer for Direct 2 TV, as well as a blogger in technology developments from Google, Microsoft and Android. Leave your thoughts on any experience that you might have had with the updated Google Street View

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