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Google Verses Bing

Everyone is well aware of the term Google. It is the most popular search engine and has gained a lot of fame in the last decade. In fact, it has become so much popular that searching is now termed as Googling. Although there are many other search engines too, but it has become the most favorite one worldwide.

Bing is relatively a new term which is actually proving it to be a competitor of the search engine giant, Google. Now the question arises what’s new about Bing. Let us find out the distinguishing features of both search engines:

Home Page:

Google has got relatively simple home page with plain screen. On the other hand, Bing has got more interesting home page with ever changing picture. But, Google’s simple white look has got a lot of advantages. It gives a neat and tidy look, providing user a clean slate for searching with ease.

Search Results:

Both Google as well as Bing provide relevant searches instantly. There is only slight difference in the form of displaying results. Google ranks results from most relevant to least relevant ones. It also provides enhanced features to make more relevant search. Filter options are also provided to the user, but this needs to be used manually.

Bing’s approach is slightly different. It categorizes answers into instantaneous answers, multimedia, deep links and other related categories. In this way, user is able to get results easily with a number of options to make search more specified.

It is difficult to draw a conclusion that which of them provides more specified results. It actually depends upon the requirement of user.

Quantity of Search Results:

Google has got privilege of providing greater quantity of results than Bing. It does not even mean that Google is able to provide better and relevant results than Bing.

Extra Stuff:

No doubt, Google has got an edge in providing extra stuff for going beyond getting good results. It is able to provide successfully a lot of variety like Google Docs, Gmail, Google Reader and Google Talk. Users are therefore encouraged to keep on coming back. With the help of Google chat, you are able to get some related information before actually using Google Docs to share the presentation.

Travel Searching Options:

Google sends the user to a separate travel website like Travelocity or Expedia. On the other hand, Bing has got a separate SERP for the purpose of more enhanced travel searching which helps to carry out the whole process easier from information gathering to flight and hotel booking.

Searching through Mobiles:

Google no doubt provides dominant mobile searching. It has got the advantage of being the default search engine in the latest smart phones.

Which One to Choose

Both Bing and Google are able to give excellent results. It is only the matter of user’s requirements. Bing is a better option if you prefer targeted results and SERP. Whereas Google is a superior choice if you are interested in getting more results, email feature, sharing docs and chatting.

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