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Google Tag Manager – A New Endeavor By Google!

Google has been trying its best to be an e-marketers’ best friend. For this reason the Search Engine giant has come up with another endeavor which is called as the Google Tag Manager too which is useful to make a faster and easier approach for digital marketers to ‘tag’ their content on the portals so that they get connected to users over the Internet.

What Is Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager or the GTM happens to be a complimentary tool that is useful in bringing together all of your site tags within one snippet of code and also makes it easier to manage all of your tags including Remarketing, conversion tracking, analytics and others from the web interface. You can even add-in and update all of your tags with just a few clicks without even rewriting your site’s code.

What Google Tag Manager Offers?

The Google Tag manager offers the online marketers with superior flexibility, and freedom to the webmasters to focus on various other imperative tasks. The tool has been developed to handle the targeting requirements, and it integrates well with both Google as well as non-Google tags.

Some of the amazing features packed here include:

  • Asynchronous tag loading

You will be able to get your tags load rapidly without coming in one another way, and also without slowing down the user-visible segment of your site.

  • Easy-to-use and accessible tag templates

So that the marketers can add-in tags quickly without their web interface, also support for customized tags.

  • Error Prevention

Tools such as the Debug Console, Preview mode as well as Version History to make sure that all the new tags you integrate do not break your website.

  • User Permissions as well as The Multiple Account Feasibility

This feature makes it exceedingly easy for agencies and teams to work in collaboration with suitable levels of access.

Why To Make Use Of Google Tag Manger?

The GTM enables all the marketers over the Web to promptly deploy tags as well as the conversion codes for their new endeavors without making use of any IT resources. Moreover, the feature to define when you’re added tags offer you with superior control and flexibility. You only need to set a rule that will define a particular interaction on your site to make it work for you.

How To Add GTM To Your Site?

You can easily add the Google Tag Manager to your portal by following some simple steps that are as under:

  • You need to visit the official GTM site.
  • Sign up for an account
  • Follow the on-screen steps which will help you create a container tag for your site.
  • Simply copy and paste the tag onto your website.

This is all about it! You can now make use of your tags and easily publish them to your GTM container.

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