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Google Publisher Plugin – First Official WordPress Plugin from Google

Google has released the first official wordpress plugin “Google Publisher Plugin” which is currently in Beta mode. The plugin helps you to easily connect with google products. Currently it can easily be integrated with Google Adsense and Webmaster Tools.

How to use Google Publisher Plugin?

You can download the plugin from wordpress plugin directory. OR you can search by name from inside your blog dashboard. After installing and activating the plugin it asks you for your blog verification in Google Webmaster Tools.  Sign in to your existing Google account or Create New and the plugin will automatically verify your blog in Google Webmaster Tools.

Google Publisher Plugin

Feature #1 :- Verification at Google Webmaster Tools is the first feature of the plugin. Thus you now don’t need to manually upload an HTML file to your blog root directory for your blog verification. This new plugin from google allow you to simply verify your blog with just a few clicks of the button.

Feature #2:- The 2nd feature of the plugin is integration of your Google Adsense account with your blog. Just like Blogger.com you can now easily signup or link your existing Google Adsense account from inside your WordPress blog.

After integrating your Adsense account you can directly navigate to your Adsense Dashboard, Performance reports and Help section from WordPress dashboard. The plugin can also create Adsense Ads and can place in different locations.

Publisher Plugin Ads Placement


Currently the Google Publisher Plugin can integrate your blog with 2 Google products i.e Google Wemaster Tools and Google Adsense.

Note:- This plugin is only for self hosted blogs and blogs on wordpress.com can not use it.

The plugin looks very handy but it will be more effective once Google Analytics, Feedburner, Google Plus and other Google products are officially integrated into it.

What is your thoughts on this plugin?

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