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Google Plus Importance to Bloggers

Google Plus has now become one of the main stream social networking website, where bloggers, webmaster and business minded people interact with each other. The benefits and importance it provides are very vital for any business.

I have included some of the importance of the Google Plus below.

Google Plus

What is Google+?

Google Plus is a social networking website started by Google.com in September 2011. So far it has gain tremendous amount of user attention because of the clean design and interactive features. Although it is very much similar to Facebook, but as a blogger you can get a lot of benefits from it.

Reputation Building

The more friends you have in your circle, the more reputation it builds for your blog. Unlike Facebook.com where you need to send requests to add friends in your account, Google Plus suggests you friends that you can add in your circle. Even it is not required to get permission from the person to add in your circle. The more friends you add in your circle, the more people will add you in their circle.

Display of Authority

Google now focus more on the pages where readers have given +1 to it. So it is now one of the ranking signal added to the Google algorithm. The more +1 you get for your articles, the higher it is ranked in Google search engine.

Place your +1 button at the very top of the posts so that you readers can see it and click after reading the article. The best place to add the button is below the post title.

Traffic Increment

No doubt Google Plus is now one of the popular and high trafficked social networking site. As a blogger you can get huge traffic from Google Plus.  Google now displays random and quality result from Google Plus profiles of the users. It means if your main article on your blog is not getting traffic form Google, it can bring you traffic through Google Plus.

Google automatically pick articles from your Google Plus profile and rank them in the search result pages.