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Google Plus- Another Source for Promoting Brands

Before the launch of Google + on world wide web, it had already created a buzz in the social networking arena.  At present, almost every Internet user is very well known of Google plus. For those, who are still not aware so far, it is the latest social networking site that has been launched by the Google itself. It was expected that there would have been made immense comparisons of Google + among various social networking sites and mainly Facebook.  Launched in June 2011, Google Plus thrives on several components like  Stream, Sparks, Circles, Hangouts, Huddle, and Photos. This is not all. There are so many other features that will be launched in future. There is also going to be a feature called Google Plus for business.

There is no doubt that Google has put lot of efforts and money in its launch, and its aim to establish itself in a premium social network arena is quite evident. As far as the interface of the Google Plus is concerned, once you set up your account on it, it displays the home screen. Photos, videos, posts, links etc . As Facebook has the ‘Like’ button, Google Plus has “+1”. There are  lot of other features offered by Google Plus that can prove to be immensely beneficial for brands in order to show off their products effectively to the targeted audience.

Google Plus lets you activate the chat client- Google talk. Thus you can integrate the main Google account as well. It also has links to other Google applications on the top of the home page. Hence it is easy to switch from Gmail, Photos, Calendar, Reader and Docs. When it comes to navigation, there are four major buttons-  Home, Profile, Photos and Circles. One of the great features of Google Plus is Sparks. This lets you search  for content you are interested in. A product brand can make a good use of this feature. They can create a Spark category and check the latest information that is available. And this information can be easily shared with the circles. For instance, a business dealing in Internet marketing can create a spark on ‘Internet Marketing’. Now whenever you click your ‘Sparks’ you will get the latest information.

Benefits of Google Plus as a Social Networking Site

One can make the most out of features offered by Google Plus to define and establish brand identity. The fact is that, there is a lot that Google Plus offers which a brand can use to give a good competition to other rivals and stay ahead in the competition. You can post the latest news related to your market on your website. You can quickly write a blog on it with the help of information.  The fact is that commenting first on the latest happenings around helps a lot in creating a strong brand identity. It helps a business’ image and even bring it in the same league as other reputed brands.

All you need to do is to keep a close tab on what people are expecting next. With your stack of information provided by Google plus, you can always come up with a relevant piece of blog or a tweet at the right time. If you keep posting updates and the updates in a regular fashion, it is definitely going to enhance your image as a brand.

To add to your piece of luck, Google brand strategy also included posting articles and blogs regularly. You can do it easily with Google Plus. Using Google Plus and its features, you can effectively let your subscribers know that you are reliable and they can count on you when it comes to timely delivery of the products.

In today’s time, social media is the best platform to leverage your business, build your brand and establishing a good hold in the market. And Google Plus has all the features that will let you do precisely the same.

How Google Plus Brand page will help new products/services?

In today’s social networking era, a business can not survive if it does not exist online. However,  already established brands posed quite a big challenge to new services and products when it came to generating quality traffic and sales. But this was before the launch of Google Plus. Now with the launch of Google Plus, there is a lot that new businesses can count on and use to establish themselves in a competitive domain.

One of the best features is Geo location that new businesses can utilize effectively. Geo location is a simple term refers to anything that involves location and is web based. By geolocating anything, you can tag content like  tweets, blog posts, statuses and videos with GPS or the Global Positioning System. With this feature, a business can allow your users to check in to a location, share it with there friends, and receive benefits for doing so.

A business can thus promote itself efficiently by sharing locations with users. It can bring many referrals for a business. The Geo location feature provided by Google Plus can provide some really interesting results and progression. To get a fair idea about what all it can do, you can take a look at Google’s Latitude service. This is a very useful and interesting service that  links in the location with the map service. Considering the fierce and ever growing competition, you should really make use of this amazing feature. For Geo location is certainly going to be the future of the social networking as it is going to be location based.

With Google Plus, businesses now have an effective and compelling medium for announcing their new products and service. Even a relatively new business can announce its products, and hence spread the word about itself on the network. This will definitely help in generating a lot of quality traffic. This is not all. A business can not only make announcements about new products and services that it is going to launch, but it can also ensure that more and more people come to know about their existence so that they get a much wider audience to carter to. It helps a business to capture the market just at the right time. Because in today’s time, it is very important for a business to tell its users what all it has to offer and why users should buy products from them. And Google Plus lets you do exactly the same. Once the audience you are catering to know that you have what they are looking for, and they keep getting their share of updates from you, then your business is definitely going to improve a lot in terms of exposure, traffic, conversion rate and sales rate.

Thus it is evident that Google Plus is nothing less than a boon for any business that has just jumped into the market. Moreover, in today’s technology dominated era, no business can afford to let go of the tremendous opportunities provided by amazing social networking sites like Google Plus. With its launch, Google Plus certainly seems to be quite promising for brands and businesses. With time it is only going to become an integral part of businesses and their marketing and promotional strategies.

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