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Google Plus Ads vs Facebook Ads Comparison

Google and Facebook are two giants in the online economy, and this is not a thing to take lightly. With Google Plus, Google intends to extend its advertising empire with its own social media network. However, aiming for the market that is right now dominated by Facebook is not an easy task, not even for the marketing giant that calls the shots as far as a high percentage of search queries on the entire planet are concerned.

The customer base

Ads are as important as the customer base they are aimed at. While Facebook has over 800 million active users, Google Plus barely has 40 million active users. While Facebook users spend over three hours monthly on the social network, Google Plus barely has its users interested for a few minutes each month. These are huge differences, and, as long as advertising is concerned, it would look like the battle has a single winner. However, when talking about Google, things should not be taking lightly. What must be kept in mind is that Google Plus is only at the beginning, and there is still a long way to go for it to prove its worth.

The interest

Where Facebook has the upper hand, Google seems to get the short end of the stick. However, one thing that must not be neglected about advertising is that people do not go to their Facebook pages to see commercials or ads. They are there to connect with friends, to see how their acquaintances are doing and to get involved in social activities. Google, on the other hand, is a massive enterprise that draws its fuel from advertising. When someone wants to buy a pair of shoes, they just go to Google and type in the phrase and a long list with websites selling shoes is presented to them. However, on Facebook, the ads must be more subtle in order to garner interest, and there is no guarantee that they may succeed at all times.

The +1 button vs. Sponsored Stories

As expected, each of the two giants is trying to corner the market through various techniques. Google Plus had implemented the +1 button in an effort to implement social network features on its advertising techniques. On the other hand, Facebook has added Sponsored Stories to its standards ads, and already reports an increase in click rate.

Direct vs. indirect advertising

Facebook handles a more direct approach on advertising. Companies can raise brand awareness by running campaigns on the popular social network. On the other hand, Google allows for companies to make their websites known by paying advertising space on the front pages for certain search queries. So far, it is clear that Google is the king of online advertising and that it intends to stay that way. On the other hand, Facebook needs to get more creative if its owners truly want to tap into the veritable source of wealth that is online advertising. The only thing that can be said is that the war is raging on, and it would be difficult to name an absolute winner.

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