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Google Play- A Place of Entertainment

With the introduction of Google Play now it is very easy to access over 450,000 apps, songs, thousand of movies and free ebooks. It is another entertainment social website where user can upload and share movies, songs and ebooks. Google Play is actually another name of Android Market where you were used to get android apps.

Nothing has changed expect the logo and name, but google has made this decision to establish strong brand name for Google Play in android market. It is actually another strategy of making android market stable in the current market. The name “google play” is very unique and attractive, so a common user will of course want to visit and explore its features. Google Play is not only for android users, but desktop users can also use it.

Which means that google is trying to capture both smartphone market and desktop/laptop market. The strategy of changing the name of Android Market to Google Play is not just a change of name, but features like “Cloud” are also added to the new website. So that user can use both android phone and tablet to share music on different devices.

Play with Music- Google Play

Google Play is a place of personalization, you will get recommendation for what you love the most. The music you select is added to your library and you can play on your android phone, tablet or computer.

The best part of google play is that music stored in your library can be played any time, any where on your android mobile phone without having connection to internet.

Find New Books

With google play you can now shop the world largest selection of ebooks. From drama to romance, thrillers to comedy etc over 4 million books are available in the android market (Google Play).

There is app for every one in the android market (Google Play), over 450,000 apps (Widgets, Ringtons, Wallpapers, Games etc..)  are available both free and paid. Watch it now or later feature is also available.

Explore the new world of Google Play and do share your thoughts here in the comment section.

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