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Google PageRank VS Author Rank

In this World of competition, it’s necessary for bloggers to get good ranking in search engines. Advanced bloggers are aware of many different SEO techniques like link building and on page SEO, but after panda and penguin algorithm updates everybody is scared of being penalized by Google. These algorithm updates was because of massive use of SEO on low quality content. Now Google has tightened its method of ranking websites in it search engine.

Two ranking factors

Previously it was easy to get good rank in search engine by link building on good page rank websites, but now the game is changed. Link building is working to some extent but now it doesn’t mean that the website with highest backlinks will be on top of Google; now ranking factors are very different as compare to 2011 and 2012. To get good ranking in Google you now need good page rank and good author rank. Your first ranking in search depends upon page rank and author rank.


PageRank shows that how much a website is trustworthy in eyes of Google. From past one decade Google is giving websites page rank from 1 to 10. Google calculates PageRank by considering the below listed factors.

  • Dofollow Backlinks
  • Nofollow Backlinks
  • Age of Page

To increase page rank you need to get backlinks from high PR websites with related content. Google updates PageRank four times in a year. Last PR update was on 4rth February 2013.

Author Rank

Author rank is totally different in sense as compare to PageRank. Google is not giving rank websites from 1 to 10 this time to websites, but in near future author rank will also be rated from 1 to 10. Below are ranking factors for author rank:

  • Quality Content
  • Niche
  • Updated Content
  • Author Social Media Profile

Quality is the most important factor to increase your author rank. Nobody knows his or her author rank, but you can analyze your author rank by checking your position in Google search without backlinks. If you are ranking good in Google without any backlinks, then your author rank is good. You can see Google plus author profiles and images with blogger’s posts in search engine. If you have many articles with your picture in Google and all your articles are high quality then your author rank will surely high. It’s important to update your content daily 4 to 5 times and provide your readers new content every time they visit your website. If you are writing articles regarding SEO and suddenly you starts writing on cooking tips, then you can’t get good ranking in cooking tips because you have good authority in SEO not in cooking.

Comparison of PageRank and Author Rank:

I was doing off page SEO for my blog before 2012, but now I have personally noticed that old SEO is just a waste of time now. Almost old SEO techniques are not working currently after penguin and panda updates in 2012 and 2013. Every website is getting good page rank with good link building techniques, but not useful to get good rank in search. If you have good page rank, then this page rank is not so much useful for your blog, but others can get good page rank and good rank in search by getting links from your blog or website. Google is making its search engine, the most credible search engine in technology World and want to snatch remaining 30% market share from yahoo, bing and ask. To achieve its goals, Google is making its ranking factors strict and only loves now good quality and original content. If you have good quality and original content on your blog, then you can rank better in search engines; in short good quality and original content is equal to good author rank. Many websites on internet are having good page rank with copied and low quality content, just because they are having so much backlinks from good PR websites. But authority can’t be bought by having paid links or with low quality copied content.


If you are a blogger, then trust me that you should solely depend upon good quality and originality. Only few backlinks are important to support your articles, also you can only share your links on social networking websites like twitter, facebook and Google plus.

Author Bio:- Maddyacca is a technology Practitioner and WP enthusiast from Asia and he loves to write articles related to technology and his own technology blog is full of originally written high quality informative articles.

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  • Khawaja Muhammad Adil

    November 5, 2018, 6:25 pm

    Nice to learn. As I left blogging in 2014 and intend to restart from where I left. It is good information for me to have strong SEO.

  • James Dreesen

    February 15, 2013, 12:38 pm

    Thanks for the tip. Now I really need to post more quality articles to my site and also try to do guest blogging activities which could help my author rank. All the best to you!

  • Aditya Nath Jha

    February 11, 2013, 11:05 pm

    You opened my eyes. Going to write a post instead of searching for do-follow blogs to comment on 😛


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