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Google Drive: It’s the Brand New Experience of Cloud Computing

Google has put a dot on years of rumors and finally introduced Google Drive.  It is a centralized space where you as Google account holder can create, share, collaborate and store all your documents. You can do lots of things on Google Drive such as upload, download and access all our docs, photos, video, Google docs, PDF, etc.

Google Drive is in fact an evolution of Google Docs with supplementary features and functionalities, e.g. storing any digital stuff. But this time, it is going to give you a true experience of living, working and playing in cloud.

Now Google Docs is an integrated part of Google Drive. Here you can create document, spreadsheet and presentation and share them with colleagues and friends. You can also add comment on any media like PDF, image and videotape and be informed when other users are making the comments. Your docs are secured and can be accessed anywhere in the world. Install drive on you Mac, PC or download it on your smartphone.

If there are numerous files then you can search all. You can search them by keywords or use a filter to categorize items. Drive lets you arrange docs by document type, owner, activity, modified data, etc. With Google Drive you can even use OCR (optical character recognition). Now you can easily convert an image document into editable text document. Google Drive is going to support more than 30 types of documents, even HD videos, Adobe Illustrator files and Adobe Photoshop files. No additional software is required on your PC or Mobile to run these digital files.

Google Drive uses the same infrastructure as used by other Google services. It has the same administrative tools, security, reliability, centralized management, data replication and data availability.

Access Here:- https://drive.google.com/

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