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Google Disavow Tool- The Good, Bad and the Ugly Side of It

Bing was the first search engine to provide the webmasters with an option to remove the harmful, spammy or problematic backlinks. Therefore, Google has decided to do the same for its customers, especially since the engine is currently the most important one in the optimization process for a website. But Google first implemented the Penguin update, which actually harmed the website. A few years ago, the more backlinks you had, the more popular you were. The ranks were just as high. The Penguin update used to penalize the websites relying on too many backlinks, but only if they came from less relevant websites. If you owned an automotive store online and you had thousands of links on websites that had nothing to do with cars, your website could be penalized. This is how the Disavow Links tool was implemented. It seems like a solution for those who suffered from the Penguin updates, whether they were responsible for those backlinks or not.

The good

The good part is that you can now clean the resume of your website over the Internet. If you have too many irrelevant backlinks or even some negative backlinks or reviews, you can easily get rid of them with this function. Many of these backlinks are all your responsibility, since you probably worked on them or even instructed the SEO service you hired for them. It doesn’t matter if they were thrown around relevant or irrelevant websites. With time, your Google rank went up. Sometimes, they are not really your problem. If you hired a problematic SEO service with no experience or your website is attacked by the competition with black SEO techniques, the results are the same. With Disavow Links, you have the option to clean up your act. Whether it is your mess or someone else’s mess, it affects your business, so take care of it accordingly.

The bad

The bad part about this process is that it may take time. If your website is new and you didn’t really have enough time to advertise for it, you are lucky, since you know where to drop the proper links. But if you spent the past couple of years dropping links left and right, you probably have a lot to work. It doesn’t mean that you have to contact webmasters. Instead, download the list, mark the problematic links and upload it to Google. When there are thousands of them, you can count on a long lasting process.

The ugly

If there is one ugly part, that is Google’s smart idea to lose the spammers. Penguin was a serious problem for a lot of websites and businesses. Disavow Links might be presented like a solution. But then, it is actually a smart method Google used to clean the spammers. When a few webmasters mark the same directory as spam, it will be removed from Google results. Therefore, this function is not a solution to Penguin. Instead, this whole game was meant to help Google reduce the spam, but without paying anything to anyone. In other words, if you want your website to stay up, you must help Google.

In conclusion

If you count on the SEO process to promote your website, you must play by the rules or concentrate on other search engines.

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