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Google Buzz Tips and Tricks

I wrote a detail post on Google Buzz that what exactly google buzz is. You can read here “Google Buzz“. It is actually another social community where you can chat, share and post your knowledge with your friends. Simply we can say it is another Facebook.

While searching on google i found some useful tips and tricks for google buzz.

Google Buzz Tips and Tricks

1. SMS Posting

You can now send Buzz from your mobile phone. Before doing this you have to setup your mobile phone in order send buzz. Then you can post images and other messages direct from your phone.

For More Details:- How to Post in Buzz through Email

2. Turn Off Buzz

If you don’t want to use Google Buzz, then you can easily turn it off from inside your Gmail account. I wrote a article about how to Turn off google buzz.

Turn Off Google Buzz

3. Formating

There is no built-in feature through which you can add different formats to the text, but there are some tricks you can use to format the text. For Example

1. Text written inside asterisks become bold. For example *text here* will become text here.

2. Text written inside underscore become italic. For example _text here_ will become text here.

4. Buzz it FireFox Extension

FireFox has now a Buzz extension called “Bizz it“. Using this extension you can easily update your buzz account with latest posts.

5. Buzzer Chrome Extension

Just like FireFox extension there is a Google Chrome extension through which you can post latest posts to your buzz account.


6. Search Buzz

Search your buzz account for contents and other information. Use “commenter:[email protected]” command to find buzzes posted by any user. Type this command in Buzz search box and click on “Search Buzz” button.

7. Buzz It Widget

This is one of the useful tip for bloggers to add a “Buzz It” widget in blog, so that readers can easily buzz the post with there friends. Simply paste the below code any where in your post to show “Buzz It” button.

<a href="http://www.google.com/reader/link?url=[YOUR POST'S URL HERE]&title=[YOUR POST'S TITLE HERE]&snippet=[YOUR POST'S DESCRIPTION HERE]&srcURL=[YOUR BLOG'S URL HERE]&srcTitle=[YOUR BLOG'S NAME HERE]"><img src="buzz-icon.png"/> Buzz it!</a>

Change the values according to your own specifications.

8. Geolocation

If you post using your mobile phone, your location will automatically be posted in your buzz account. You can easily access buzz from your mobile phone. Use this link buzz.google.com to access buzz from phone.