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Google Autosuggest Builds/Collapse Reputation

Google’s Auto Suggestions is one of the most important, well known and popular feature of Google. Few call it them as suggestions and few call them as “predictions” as before you have even finished typing on SE window suggestions appears. There are many search engines apart who have introduced suggestions features prior or after Google. Google started this since 2008.

How Google Suggestion does works?

Here are the important factors which decide which suggestion should appear on Google Search window.

Today we will discuss each factor in detail

  • Suggestions Based On Real Searches
  • Suggestions Based on Location and Language
  • Suggestions Based on Previous Searched Suggestions

Suggestions Based On Real Searches

Popularity is the factor in real searches which decides what Google needs to be shown.

For example type in the word “Mens “on Google and see what appears in Google Suggests.

  • Mens warehouse
  • Men’s health
  • Mens wedding bands
  • Mens watches
google autosuggesst

All above these searches have appeared based on popularity means high volume searches for above keyword by Google users.

Suggestions Based on Location and Language

Location places an important rule in deciding the Google suggests.

For example we are aware that Princess Haya is from Dubai, UAE when we type on “princess h” on Google no result for Princess Haya appears whereas when we type on Google UAE Princess Haya appears on the top of searches. It’s just amazing. To verify you can click on Princess Haya.


google result

Google UAE

google uae

Suggestions Based on Previous Searched Suggestions

Google Suggestions may include the searches that you have previously used. Remove Option available with it as you may not want to use Google web history feature.


There are other more below important factors which too play important role in Google Autosuggest.

  • De-duplicating & Spelling Corrections
  • Freshness of Content
  • Removal of violence related suggestions
  • Removal of adult content
  • Legally mandated removals
  • Piracy-related suggestions

How Autosuggest brings in Reputation Management?

Now as you are aware that Google Autosuggest works on popularity (number of searches) and human behaviour is to make clicks/searches on negative activity first.

Let me try to explain with you with an example – Few years back one of the gulf princess was robbed as the robbery had a huge loss so it attracted many news websites and causing a trend to create.

And now if you type “Dubai Princess r” on Google search window, a trend of “Dubai Princess Robbed” has been created which is fake. As per this trend all the Dubai Princess are being robbed.

google suggessts

Now, obviously there are white and balck hat methods to remove such fake trends “Dubai Princess Robbed“, some where back Google has caught a user trying black hat methods using Amazon’s Mechanical Turk but now don’t do that. Don’t try it, Serious action by Google will be taken as Google can catch it very easily. You can always do it using positive methods like spreading the content across web, builidng a brand, doing some social bookmarking …all sort of forms of inbound link building marketing.

Author Bio:- Bob is 35 year old creative and technical content writer of SEO-Optimization-Experts. He spends his entire day is local internet browsing of the best reputation management companies.

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