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Google+ App on IPhone Improves Social User Experience

There’s no secret: Google+ is growing at a fast pace and this growth is also bringing a lot of software updates. Google is trying to be ahead of the game by offering better social user experience, fast load times and better tools to market your business with Google+. And, if you’re working with a SEO service provider they will tell you that Google+ is also a channel for organic traffic growth too.

Recently, Google+ for iPhone got a redesign update. Now there are more social posts from your contacts, better navigation and bigger photos, among others.

The best thing about Google+ on iPhone is that the app is specially designed to optimize the touch screen interface of the mobile phone. Almost everything can be done with just one touch.

Upon opening the application, you will immediately see a stream of posts from your contacts. Photos and videos occupy the entire width of the screen. You can basically see only one post in its entirety at one time (although you may catch a glimpse of the previous or next post). It is a very attractive format, not to mention very different from the mobile versions of other social media sites.

 iphone google plus streamingHow post streaming looks like on iPhone

Vertical swiping will show you more of your contacts’ posts. If you think a post consists of a photo album, simply swipe your finger on the image itself horizontally to view the rest.

Hitting the +1 button is now easier since the icon now floats on the lower right corner of each photo or video. Once you hit it, the comment button appears right next to it, allowing you to share your thoughts and what you like about the post.

Sending messages and starting conversations is equally easy. Simply tap on the photo of your contact from the posts stream and you’ll be directed to that person’s Google+ profile. The Message button is prominent at the middle. Tap it and chat all you want! You can even share photos during your conversation.

google plus iphone profile Contact profile as it appears on iPhone. Tap on Message to begin a conversation.

Google+ for iPhone also allows you to have conversations with your circles as though you’re all there in one place talking. It’s like an online chat room, only better!

 iphone conversaionHold a conversation with your circles in Google+.

Face Time is also just one tap away. Look on the upper right button on your screen for the speech bubble. It immediately opens the Face Time feature as well as a thumbnail filmstrip of your other contacts in Google+. Should you wish to call any of them afterward, all you have to do is tap on his or her photo.

facetime icon Check out the Face Time icon on the upper right corner and the contacts on top. Tap on “Hang out” to begin Face Time chatting!

What’s great about this app is that it doesn’t attempt to transfer all the functions available in a PC. Instead, it utilizes the features present in an iPhone (ex: touchscreen capacity, swipe for scrolling, instant photo and video capture, Face Time) and maximizes them. The result is a user experience that’s similar but also quite different than when you’re using Google+ on a PC. It’s more intimate, more personal, and gives you more control.

Author Bio:- This is a guest post and the views of the author do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of this site. The author, Brian Nixon, is a professional search engine optimizer who writes for Pitstop Media Inc, a trusted SEO company that provides services to businesses across North America. For more information please visit pitstopmedia.com

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