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Google Added Site Performance feature in Webmaster Tools

In Google Webmaster Tools a new feature has been added, which is “Site Performance”. Now you can see your site performance in your Goolge webmaster tools. Under “Labs” you can access to “Site Performance” option.

site performance

As we know that in 2010 Page Load time might be includes in ranking factor in SEO for google. The fast your page loads, the high your ranking will be.

Now after google added “Site Performance” feature in Webmaster Tools, it is clear that google wants to rank better only those pages which loads in less time. So prepare your blog for 2010 and decrease blog load time.

Site Performance is a experimental feature to know the site performance and speed up those pages, which are taking time to load. Visitors don’t want to visit those pages which takes time to load. If you will make your pages load faster, then you can increase your Page Preview chance, which can increase your Alexa Rank.

Google also recommend in there Help Forum that always check your Site Performance on regularly basis from your Webmaster Tools Dash Board, and  correct the errors. The aim of this features is to know about those pages which are taking time. If you are not aware of “Site Performance” feature, then login to your Webmaster tools Dash Board and click on “Site Performance” option to know that which page is talking time in loading.

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