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Google added “Security Issues” section inside Google Webmaster Tools

Google always help bloggers and webmasters by providing valuable data about their sites and blogs. Yesterday they released the first official google plugin for wordpress. This time they have focused on providing more details about website/blog security issues. A new section inside Google Webmaster Tools has been added with the name of “Security Issues”.

Security Issues

Inside the new section you will be able to see details about malwares, hacks or threats detected by Google in your sites. Apart from the details they will also be providing with the solutions for each issues. After the issues are fixed you can also submit your site for review so that google can verify that your site is safe now.

Note:- If you website contains virus, threats or malwares and you failed to fix the issues then chances are that google can remove your sites from Google Search Result Pages.

However now with this new feature you can easily inspect your site for such issues. Google can provide you complete details about a particular issue. For example if it is a SQL injection, spam or any other type of hack attempt. You can get full details about the issue inside the “Security Issues” section.

This is indeed a very useful feature. Services like Sucuri.net charge $89.99/year per site to stop your sites from being hacked or effected my malwares. However with the introduction of this new feature by google, now you don’t need such services. Thanks to google for providing us with such a useful feature inside Google Webmaster Tools.

What is your thoughts about this new feature? Feel free to share your thoughts below.

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