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Going Retro With Your Top-of-the-Line iPad

Why do people claim their generation’s stuff is always the best?  Despite the advances in how people live, people always think what was big in their childhood or their teenage years are the coolest. But then again, we always see the revival of popularity among old things, proof they are indeed not just fads, but actually brilliant articles of pop culture.  After all, even the current generation can still appreciate the Beatles, bell-bottom jeans, and Cabbage Patch dolls.

ipad retro

Did you know you can indulge yourself on a nostalgia trip with an iPad?  Yes, one of the most advanced gadgets known to mankind in this century can transport you back in time. These retro apps will surely make you reminisce on how things were done before people started exchanging cash for iPad.

1# FxCamera (Free)

This is an Android based application which makes photos look like those old pictures we see in the photo albums of our moms and dads.  The app has lots of filters to choose from like ToyCam, Polandroid, Fisheye, and Symmetricam.  Even when you apply the filters on the photos, they will still look vivid and clear so you don’t need to worry about the quality of your pictures. Navigating through the app is clear and straightforward, making it easy to use.  It doesn’t take a lot of time to figure it out, and in a matter of minutes you’ll be putting all your photos through the app’s various filters.

2# Hipstamatic ($1.99)

This is actually the app that started the trend of making pictures look vintage.  You can choose from the different kinds of lenses and films that shoot old-fashioned analog style photographs. Others may be frustrated because you cannot control the result of the photo that could come out, unlike in the FxCamera app. Fans say that is actually the fun of this app – the unpredictability of the photos the app produces.

3# Stereolizer ($2.49)

Kids of today won’t be familiar with what older people considered essential equipment during their growing up years – the radio. This app is a great way of making them experience what was cool during the good old days.  This app is a great emulation of a 1980’s stereo, including an animated cassette tape deck.  You can select from hundreds of digital radio stations with the help of the tuner. You can even load the virtual tape deck and record at will.

4# Vinyl Love ($2.49)

This app lets you play music from your iTunes on a simulated vinyl player. If only it could include the smell of old vinyl tracks, then the experience would be complete.

5# Space Invaders ($5.99)

This is a classic game that would make your trip to the vendors that sell old iPad worth it.  The controls are harder to manipulate compared to the old console but shooting those aliens is a nice way to relax and relieve childhood memories.

While these apps do not really allow you to re-experience the authenticity of using those obsolete objects, they at least approximate the feeling of enjoying them. These apps can also make you realize that someday, your cherished gadgets will also be outdated. That’s why you need to sell your iPad when a new model becomes available, or you’ll end up with something obsolete.

Author Bio:-Yvette Divino, writer for CashForipads.com, one of the most trusted and dependable solutions in the device refurbishment industry Follow her on  Twitter.

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  • Nance

    September 6, 2012, 7:00 am

    So, you also got that Retro Style Sam. lol
    Forever Retro here! 🙂

  • Sam

    September 5, 2012, 8:23 pm

    Great, more reasons to make me want an iPad! Haha. I need to get a reason to use it for work and then maybe I can make myself spend all the money to get one.


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