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Gmail Tips-How to Protect your Gmail account

gmail tips and security tipsIf you are using Gmail for your online identity, then it is very important to keep your account safe. Because your gmail is related and associated to all of your online activities. If you will lost your Gmail account, then you lost every associated activity. There fore keep protect your gmail account and always remember these important things.

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  • Always remember to Sing out
  • Change your password at least twice in a year
  • Never use your gmail password in any other website
  • Always remember you password
  • Be careful in sending information in email
  • Be aware of unexpected attachments
  • Make sure your account recovery information is up to date
  • Check for virus and malware
  • Remember and update your secondary email and security question.
  • Use secure connection when sign in to your account

Always clear your browser cookies, because some time your browser will save uncompleted information, which can create issues. Always use HTTPS with gmail during logging in to your gmail account.

Don’t click on unknown links, because they can steal your information. Some time you will get fake emails from unknown users, which will say that your account information are not up to date, please update your account information using below link. Don’t click on such links. If you get email from any fake email address, then report that email to google, so that google can ban that email address.

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