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Get More Out Of WordPress Social Media Widgets

If you own a blog or moderate one and are wondering why many of your articles and posts are going unnoticed then the ideas below should help you improve the awareness and promotion of your hard work.

I noticed that my blog wasn’t getting any exposure at all and couldn’t see what people actually thought of my posts, so I had a look around at some other similar blogs and found a small, but useful tweak could make a massive difference to traffic and exposure.

Facebook , Twitter & Google+ Widgets

Most people use Facebook as a means of socialising and keeping up to date with their friends and keeping track of their favourite celeb’s new diet. But, you can add a Facebook Widget to your blog which shows how many people like your blog thus confirming to new visitors that your blog is worth reading beyond a first post.

Adding a “like” button will also give your readers the opportunity to show their appreciation of your writing or your guest’s articles. So when a new visitor comes across a post and finds that 100 people came before them, and liked the article, they will be prepared to give it a read. Adding these widgets is easy and there are many tutorials on how to do so.

With various options available for Twitter Widgets, I would always advise using one which updates as you tweet because it keeps your site fresh and gives your readers an option to see other tweets that they may find interesting.

You can unite your Facebook page with your Twitter account too. As you update your Facebook to tell your friends what you have written, your twitter account will subsequently be updated and your followers will be able to read your tweets. It saves a lot of time and also increases awareness and promotion.

As well as about 300 more similar sites, these will help your readers share your articles with others. Most bloggers think that if somebody likes a post they will automatically go through the trouble of copying a link, opening an email and finding the friends who will be interested in reading your post.

In reality, your reader will be more likely to do something like this if it’s a simple “one click” task. The easier you make it to promote your product or service, the more likely people will do it for you.

If you were to include all of these options for your readers then you will not only see the difference through likes and comments but, you will also have new readers who see the cool interaction as soon as they arrive, which will also keep them involved too.

Why not give them a try now?

Author Bio:  This article was written by Arafin Shaon. He is a WordPress lover & loves to write on it.  His latest interest on Thesis 2.0 Skins.

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