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General Information On Windows 8 Operating System

This short article is going to tell you what is windows 8 and what are the features added to it. It is no wonder that there are people out there who have not heard about Windows 8. If you are among them, please read further to know about Windows 8 and its new features.

Windows 8

The Windows 8 is an operating system for electronic devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets, mobiles and etc. The Windows 8 is recently released which is the latest version of Windows Operating System series from Microsoft. Microsoft releases its operating systems with the name “Windows”.  The list of Windows operating systems:

– Windows 95

– Windows 98

– Windows 2000

– Windows ME

– Windows XP

– Windows 2003

– Windows Vista

– Windows 2008

– Windows 7

– Windows 8

The Windows 8 is completely different when you compare with Windows 7 or with any other former operating systems. As Microsoft claimed, Windows 8 has significant improvements when you compare with Windows 7. You might know that the Windows 7 had much significant improvement from the rest of the Windows family of operating systems. Windows 7 was very fast and much more attractive than the Windows XP. Of course the Windows 8 have all the functionalities of Windows 7. Windows 8 has a tile based start screen which is a completely different idea from the previous versions of Windows operating systems.

Microsoft calls Windows 8 as “Windows Re-imagined”. This led the people to dream about Windows 8, which is released recently and rocks the market.

Tile based start screen of Windows 8

Icons have been used in Windows for more than 15 years. But, Microsoft have dropped the icon based start screen and replaced it with tile based start screen. Tiles are the program shortcuts which are sensitive to touch controls. You can perform various actions on tiles with touch and you can get information from titles such as notifications, errors and so on, even the program is not opened. Windows Phone 7 uses the tiles based interface. If you are familiar with this phone, you will be easily adopted with the Windows 8.

Windows 8 for any devices

Microsoft declares that the Windows 8 has the ability to run on several types of devices such as desktop computers, laptops, tablet computers, mobile phones and more. Other competitive operating systems also can run on several platforms but, the Microsoft says that the Windows 8 will run even more platforms you would not think of.

Metro style applications

Windows operating systems run a verity of applications specially made for Windows operating systems. Microsoft introduces a new type of applications in Windows 8. These new type of applications are called “Metro Apps”.

Metro Applications are optimized for touch based operations. Though they are optimized for touch, they can work with other input devices such as mouse and keyboard. Metro style apps are able to run with different screen modes such as full screen, single screen, etc… Metro style apps do not have borders and distracting buttons.

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