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Fun VPN VS Strict VPN: What Do You Use Your Private Network For?

Fun VPN VS Strict VPN

VPN or a Virtual Private Network originated as a defensive mechanism. People needed a solution to simply stay private while online. It’s enough that our government collects data about as through bank accounts, personal cell phone communications and even street view cameras. But did they stop there? No. they aren’t even intending to stop at what they already achieved.

What’s even worse is that marketers today know about your every step. Cookie files are stored; Google tracks your search results to display ads and so on and so forth. Some apps are smart enough to predict whether a lady is pregnant based on her food shopping preferences even before she knows whether she is carrying a baby under her heart or not.

That’s inhuman – to say the least. But what can we do? Ban the internet? I had the same dilemma before I’ve stumbled across a handy IPVanish VPN review and now I know the answer.

VPN for security

A VPN or a Virtual Private Network encrypts your IP, traffic and search history. This means you are invisible to others, once online. Most VPN companies don’t even store the logs of users meaning any data regarding your digital trail can’t be accessed by any third parties because there simply isn’t anything to access.

Aside the fact your connection is secure, it’s harder for scammers and hackers to get under your skin. You can freely use public Wi-Fi connections in parks or cafés without any second thoughts. Your connection is safe and your device is protected no matter what. You are a digital ghost!

VPN for leisure

Not too long ago I found out people use VPN for fun as well. Some access Pirate Bay without fear of the consequences. “Ahoy!”, they say, wearing their pirate hats.

Others explore vulnerabilities of Verizon and Netflix. It’s a known fact that Verizon, aside from providing garbage for connection also dumps streaming speeds for their cable channels. It won’t happen to you, thanks to VPN.

That noted users are also empowered to explore a few of Netflix’s vulnerabilities. For once, you can log into your account under a different IP. This means the app will believe you are an Australian, Canadian, European or British user. Why bother? Because all of those regions have unique shows and movies that are only available in their country! In simple words – you get more content for the same money.

The same trick works for Hulu. You don’t have to be Australian to stream ABC broadcasts. You don’t have to be a brit for access to BBC. All that and, at the same time you are protected with a private, secure internet connection.

This raises a question: what do you guys do with the power VPN’s grant us with? Are you honest and loyal and only keep yourself protected or are you bold enough to exploit a few tricks from above?

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