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Freight Tracking by Smartphone

Freight tracking involves the use of electronic devices (computers, cell phones, PDAs, etc.) to monitor a package as it ships from a warehouse to a residence or destination. Individuals track shipments for all sorts of reasons—to acquire a purchase they bought, to acquire a present or gift from a friend, relative, or business acquaintance, or to see if their package ships to the right destination quickly and efficiently.

Freight tracking takes all the guesswork and mystery out of package shipping: you can know when a package will arrive at its destination, what time it will get there, and even the individual who signed for it.

Smartphones have become a hot device for freight tracking. Smartphones such as Blackberry and others are capable of tracking shipments due to a global positioning system (GPS) capability. Global Position System or GPS is a navigation system of satellites that easily find and locate anything on earth.

Devices such as smartphones that possess GPS-navigation capabilities receive signals from global satellites that provide all sorts of information, from weather to cities, to personal addresses, and even freight locations! Smartphones connect to global satellites (and satellites connect to smartphones and other GPS devices).

When an individual wants to know about conditions on a certain street, for example, he or she can simply type in an address and the globally-positioned satellite can send a signal back to the individual’s phone. This is no different with tracking freight shipments across the world.
Since most smartphones come with GPS-navigation capability, all they need to function is a phone application that helps with issues such as mapping and navigation. Thus, smartphone users can easily download phone applications that provide a portal or window for globally-positioned satellites to make contact with smartphones. Some of these GPS-navigation smartphone applications that track freight shipments are as follows:

  • UPS
  • FedEx
  • USPS
  • Delivery Status Touch
  • Track My Shipments

The next question to ask is, “Exactly how do these GPS navigation apps work on smartphones?” If, for example, you have a Blackberry and you are interested in FedEx mobile, simply search for the FedEx World App Icon, then install it on your smartphone. You will have to get a FedEx User ID and password, but the username and password allow you to track all of your shipments and choose your transit.

The downloaded application will update you at every step of the shipment phase (as the package goes from one state to another). It will even alert you when the package has been shipped. To get the best of FedEx, however, you will need to sign on to FedEx Insight, in addition to FedEx Mobile.

If you want to join the UPS Mobile application for Blackberry, you should go to the UPS website, download the mobile app, then gain a username ID and password. Once you have the UPS mobile application, you will have the ability to log in from time to time and access information on your shipments. You can then enter your tracking number to view an updated status of your shipment, as well as enter starting and ending zip codes to get shipment price quotes.

Freight tracking has always been smart, but now, due to smartphones, tracking shipments has become even smarter.

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