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Free Vs. Membership Blogs – Which One to Go for When Starting a Blog?

Think money vs. interest. Responsibility vs. leisure. Hobby vs. serious job? What tips the scale for you?

People have used blogs as a personal space to reflect upon their own ides; to provide information, to sell products, or merely a place to share their thoughts when they feel like it. But when your blog is a paid membership blog, things can become far more serious.

So which one to go for? The one which takes up all your time, sweat and blood and gives you mental satisfaction (and far more money) or the casual one that many people do, love to do, and can do whenever you please? Both have their upsides and downsides, and in the end it’s a matter of priorities. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of both options.

Going for the Free One

Write freely:

Amateur bloggers just love to write and put their thoughts into words, even if they see no value for others in the content. For most people blogging is a hobby, a place to freely write about anything and that’s enough for them. If you are looking for one such platform meant solely for catharsis, you should go for free blog.

No Pressure:

When you are running a free Blog, you can do it without a sword hanging over your head; you can choose to write any day of the week, or take a vacation, mainly because you aren’t charging your readers for the content. In this scenario blogging is more like a hobby, and an activity that one chooses to maintain, not the activity that drives him.

No Stress:

You won’t be obsessed with the rankings, traffic, conversion rates and all. You can simply write when you want, and do the basic SEO and you will be fine. Not to mention, you need to produce content of a different level altogether if you’re looking to charge your readers for a membership, and run-of-the-mill blog posts are not going to cut it for you. You can’t be wrong in your research and you can’t be late with your information.

Going for the Paid Membership Blogs

Blogging doesn’t have to be simply a journal. Why not get paid for what you do best and enjoy it while you’re at it? Admitted that the paid memberships entail a lot more responsibility than the unpaid blogs, but the benefits too are manifold.

Get paid for what you love to do:

Who doesn’t like extra cash flow or an additional source of income, especially for something they enjoy doing, or maybe are doing already? With a few pointers and considerations, a good writer can have a successful paid membership blog, and earn an income from writing alone.

Filter the dedicated audience:

With paid membership blog the writer gets a specific kind of audience, one that wants the type of information which is hard to find elsewhere, you won’t be getting wanderers or trollers with useless comments, discussions, and spam. This will eventually lead to a community of likeminded people where people can interact in a healthy way.

Be recognized:

If you’re going for popularity and recognition, you’ll get it faster with a paid membership blog (of course after you get a following). Of course getting such recognition is no mean feat, and no overnight task in most cases, but once it happens, it’s a dream achieved for the writer. Members will know you personally; however this will compound the responsibility factor even more.

In short, you can only go for the paid membership blog when you’re much more than a casual writer who writes for leisure. It’s more responsibility and hard work, because people can always cancel the membership if you fail to meet their expectations.

Author Bio:- Roberto is an internet marketing expert by profession. Currently, he’s working for a UK based website that features restaurants in Leicestershire and restaurants in Gloucestershire.

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