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Free Video Programs and Adobe Premier Pro Alternatives

If you are running a business, then you may find that acquiring the software that you need can be one of the highest costs that you have to tackle. Independent programs and a variety of companies are working to create replacements for expensive software. Whether you are looking for a word processing program or a YouTube downloader, these free alternatives offer the same functionality as their more expensive counterparts.

freeware softwares

Audio and Video Programs

Audio and Video software, especially when it comes to audio editing and video editing, can become expensive very quickly. Having the newest and best tools in your arsenal can cost you a bundle, unless you choose the following feature-rich freeware programs.


For an alternative to the paid software Quicktime Pro, consider using VLC. The VLC player is actually capable of playing nearly every type of file or media codec, meaning that you can use a single piece of freeware software any time you want to run VCDs, DVDs, CDs, web streams, online radio stations and other media formats on your computer.


Another alternative to the paid software Quicktime Pro is the KMPlayer, which plays nearly every type of media format including RealMedia, WMV, 3GP, MOV, OGM, Theora, Ogg, MKV, AVI, DVD and VCD, meaning that both audio and video files play well in this particular piece of software.


Another alternative for Quicktime Pro is Winamp, which is a well established player for media that has become beloved by many since it can play a wide variety of video and audio files, and because it sports a very compact size.

Alternatives to Adobe Premier Pro

Another program that you can find several different alternatives for is Adobe Premier Pro, which is another for-pay program. Try the following alternatives: CinePasint, Avidemux and Cinelerra 4.0. CinePaint for example originally came around as part of GIMP, but it has grown to become a standalone app that is especially popular among the movie-making community. Avidemux is a free editor for videos allowing for simple footage and encoding cutting. Finally, Cinelerra 4.0 is an advanced software program allowing for more in-depth editing of videos including compositing.


Replace Code It Wave Editor with Audacity, a program that allows for the simple recording and editing of your sound files, in addition to easy conversion of media formats like tapes.


Avoid using Pixar Renderman and try Pencil as well. Pencil is ideal for the budding animator because it allows for the simple creation for four different types of layers, including sound, camera, bitmap and graphics. Each of these is capable of being manipulated and easily removed for the creation of smooth and silky animation.


Camstudio is another excellent program designed to replace AllCapture. It allows you to record any and all audio or screen activity on your computer, making it a truly excellent tool for the creation of video files if you are trying to demonstrate something on your computer, such as the use of a program or application.

You can avoid fooling around with expensive software suites when much of the same functionality is available to you for free.

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