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Free Password Managers To Manage Your Passwords- Windows and Mac

I always use different username and password when i try to signup on a website. As it helps me to secure all my online accounts on internet. However some time it is very difficult for me to remember all the passwords and username for all website. In this case i use desktop softwares that help me in reminding me my username and passwords.

password manager

Desktop application helps you in storing your username and passwords in your computer hard drive. Although firefox has the feature to store your username and passwords, but the problem come when you re install windows or firefox. Desktop application store all the data in your hard drive and when you re install windows, you can still find all username and password inside the saved file.

Following are the best and secure desktop applications that help you in storing your username and password.

1. Keeper Desktop – Windows

It store your username, password, account numbers and other sensitive data. It also allow you to set a master password for your file, so that no one can access your file. Of course all the information stored in the file are your personal and you would not like to share with some one else. Thus Keeper Desktop store you senstive data with full proof security.

Download Here

2. Keep Pass – Windows

Another application is Keep Pass which is total free and having all the features that you need in a best and secure password manager application. It also have the option to password protect your file so that other can not access it. You can download both desktop version and portable version from its official website.

Download Here

3. iPassword – Mac

This is a very secure, enhance and feature rich password manager application. It also help you in generating strong passwords combing different numbers, alphabetics and symbols so that it is difficult for hacker to hack your password. It is available for both Windows and Mac, but the first version was only for Mac and then the window version has created because of increased demand.

Download Here

Hope these application will help you in managing your important data like password, username etc. Feel free to share that which one you prefer to use and why?, so that readers can know that which one is the best, secure and feature rich.

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