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Free Online PDF to PowerPoint Converter

Free Online PDF to PowerPoint Conversion is, as its name suggests, a service that allows users to convert their PDF documents to PPT slides. The value of such a tool is recognized when it comes to managing presentations for school, college, work or when preparing a project that requires a neatly organized and attractive visual presentation.

PowerPoint is among the most widely used tools for creating professional-looking presentations, while Portable Document Format is the universal format for sending, sharing and archiving them. It often happens that professional presenters and other presentation creators delete and destroy their original PowerPoint slideshows once they turn them to PDF. And, then again, it also often happens that they need to modify or reuse those same presentations at other times. To make the most of those presentations, they need to be converted back to an editable PowerPoint Slides.

There are many advanced, professional PDF Converter suites, whose attractive features come at a not necessarily attractive price for non-business and individual users. Therefore many teachers, students and novice presenters can’t easily afford them. This is when a free for everyone, web-based PDF conversion service that is reliable and quick comes handy.

This free online PDF to PPT converter is the most popular among teachers, students, project managers, business and finance managers, all kind of presenters, and tech aficionados who like to test and use multiple free online tools.

The most popular uses of the Free Online PDF to PPT Conversion

1)  The tool can be very useful to grade school teachers who like to integrate technology into their teaching methods. One of the possible fun classroom activities that involve PDF to PPT software is teaching children how to make Google searches for interesting PDF presentations, how to use the tool to convert these PDFs to their original and editable MS PowerPoint documents, and how to make edits to the converted PPT slides.

2) Presenters, public speakers, teachers, college students, bloggers and many others use this tool for repurposing old presentations, like archived lessons and conference or training slideshows. It is not at all uncommon to save teaching and business materials in PDF format while deleting the PPT/PPTX version. PDF to PPT converter helps you to convert these valuable PDF resources you created a while ago back to PowerPoint presentations, so that you can update, improve and combine them with new slides.

3) Project managers are among the top users of the conversion service because it comes very handy when sharing and collaborating on presentations with their colleagues and bosses. When they receive a presentation for approval in PDF format, they can convert it back to PowerPoint, make necessary adjustments, and send the presentation back to its author, so that he or she can present this impeccable work at a big upcoming meeting.

Easy to use, quick and reliable

So, if the free PDF to PowerPoint conversion online sounds just like the tool you’ve been looking for, here’s a quick how-to guide to using it:

1) Go to the tool’s website: http://www.pdfconverter.com/pdf-to-powerpoint-online-free/

2) Click the “Choose File” tab to upload your PDF document

3) Provide your e-mail address

4) Click “Start!”

5) Wait a few seconds for an e-mail with a link to your downloadable and editable PPT file

The service is completely free, accurate and very quick. Also, the service provider takes care of the users’ privacy and erases all received documents and information from their server within 24 hours.

Author Bio:- Cindy Pearson is a tech aficionado and a blogger at PDF Tips Tricks blog.  She likes all things computer and tech related, and likes to share tips on using technology in business, education and careers.

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