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Free Multi Purpose Sophos Encryption Tool- Download

Sophos is advance tools and application creators for business and home users. They have created client firewall, anti spam, phishing, anti virus, email client control, malicious website blocker, network access control and encryption tools and applications.

Sophos Encryption is a tool that allows your files using password and make then archive so that no one can access it with the password. You can security send a file through emails, no worry about hacking. The files will be safe from unauthorized access. This is a very hard and complicated software, no one can break the password using any hack or trick. It is also integrated with most email clients to make the process more easy for you.

sophos encryption tool

Get Sophos Encryption Tool for Free

1. Visit the promo link and fill the registration form with valid information.


2. After completing the registration, you will receive download link. Install the software for free and enjoy its features.

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  • ladykingdom

    June 25, 2010, 4:07 pm

    It’s a good overview about Sophos

    thank you


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