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Free Capture Screen Shots Softwares

Screen Capture Tools are very important for Bloggers and web designers. Adding pictures and screen shots in a post can increase your traffic, because there are lots of image search engines, which can provide free traffic to your blog.
Your blog post will attract readers, if there is images in post because pictures are more attractable as compare to the text. Post with plenty of text can bore your readers.
Make it your habit to add cool images in your posts and for that you can use these free applications to capture a great and quality images.

These are the advance and useful screen shot capturing application available on the web. It can help allot in your blogging.

10 Free Services for Screen Shots


Screen Hunter

Screen Hunter provide free and paid service for screen capturing. If you are more advance user and need bulk of screen capturing then you have to buy the paid version, but if you are a blogger and only want to capture screen shots for your blog posts then you can use the free version of Screen Hunter.

Fast Ston Capture

Fast Ston Capture is another free screen capture provider. Capture screen shots with quality using its great features. It can save your capture screens in BMP, JPEG, PNG and TGA formats.

Bug Shooting

It provides you different features including screen capturing. It can re-size, edit and add extra affect to the images.

Screen Capture

Screen Capture allow you to capture screen shots using its free service. You can register account with screen capture for free, and then capture screen shots forever.

Snap N Drag

Support drag and drop functionality and you can drag your captured screen shots to email with just a one click. You can use all of its features for free.

Capture Me

Capture Me is another great and enhance screen capturing tool. You can use this for free. It is a great application to capture quality images for your blog posts.

Screen Grab

Screen Grab is an extension for Firefox that makes it easy to save a web-page as an image. Use this extension in your Firefox and make your blogging easy and fast.

Gidwin Screen Shot

Another handy tool for bloggers is Gidwin Screen Shot.  It allows you to capture screen shots with a single click. You can also rezise you screen shots for feting it in your blog posts.

Andy Snap

Take cool and quality snaps from your selected websites, softwares and other applications. It adds cool effects and resize the image. You can save image in any format.

Screen Capture Professional

SCP is a professional screen capturing application. This is a very easy application and needs no guidelines.

These above application will make easy for you to write a killer post for your blog, because images are the important part of a post. It looks more attractive when you add a image in your post. Article without an image looks very boring. As mention earlier images are also good source of traffic. (If optimized well).