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Four Things to Look for When Choosing a Hands-Free Kit for the Car

States across the nation are, one-by-one, passing legislation that makes it illegal to use your cell phone, in any manner, while operating your vehicle. Unlike states who have seat belt laws, cell phone bans are part of primary enforcement; meaning that you do not need to be pulled over for a separate traffic violation before you can be issued a ticket for cell phone use. An officer simply has to see you using your cell phone and can pull you over to issue a ticket.

Whether you live in a state with current laws on the books or not, using a Bluetooth, hands-free device in your vehicle simply makes good sense. Distracted driving accounts for a high number of car accidents and hands-free operation of your mobile device eliminates some of the distraction involved with using your phone in the car. When looking for a hands-free device to add to your vehicle, there are some things you should look for:

1. Compatibility

Every Bluetooth kit does not work with every phone. Before you decide which kit to purchase, pull out your phone’s manual and compare its Bluetooth features with that offered by the kit. It’s a simple waste of money to purchase a hands-free kit that won’t operate all of the features of your phone.

2. Size

Bluetooth kits are designed to fit on your driver’s side visor. Personal preferences vary, as do the size of the kits. Look for a kit that is not so large it will be distracting, and not so small that it will be difficult to operate. If ordering online, try to go to the store and look at some of the kits up close. If you order a size that is either too large or too small, you may be apt to not use the system.

3. Help and Support

Look for a hands-free kit manufactured by a company with a great reputation for customer service. You can easily find this information online. Many people have never used a Bluetooth system before and have several questions that the small instruction manual doesn’t answer. You’ll want to be able to contact someone should you need answers during set-up and operation.

4. Price

Prices for Bluetooth systems can range widely. Cheap doesn’t always mean junk and expensive doesn’t always mean better. Research kits extensively before you decide on which you will buy. You can expect to pay between $60 and $130 for a Bluetooth system that has all of the features you desire.

Driving while talking on your phone is distracting and puts everyone on the road at risk. With a great, hands-free kit, you can be assured that you will reduce the distraction caused by the manual operation of your cell phone while you are driving your vehicle.

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  • Guelph insurance owner

    April 19, 2012, 12:33 am

    I have actually been considering getting one of these hands-free devices for when I’m in my car driving to and from work. I always seem to get important calls right when I’m driving, and I would hate for my Guelph insurance to go up because I got in a fender bender while on my phone. Not to mention the cost of a ticket for talking on my phone. What are some reliable devices I can look at? Am I right in assuming these are allowed by law?


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