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Flipboard partners with The New York Times

This week, Flipboard and The New York Times announced a new partnership allowing Times content to appear on the popular media aggregation app for iOS and Android. Times subscribers will have access to the full range of the paper’s content via Flipboard, and non-subscribers will be able to read a handful of free samples.

It’s a big move for both parties: this marks the first time that the Times has allowed full access to its material through someone else’s portal. Until now, you could click through Twitter links to full articles, or read Times excerpts on, say, The Huffington Post, but you had to actually visit the NYT website — or download its official app — to read a full article.

For Flipboard, the move represents a major stamp of respectability — fresh off the app’s recent expansion to Android and a year and a half of steadily rising popularity and acclaim. The market for apps that make web content sleeker and more aesthetically pleasing seems to be heating up, and this partnership may just push a polished, already-popular app right over the top.

The Times will be selling full-page ads which will be interspersed throughout its Flipboard content, but there’s no word on whether that revenue will be shared with Flipboard. Perhaps the more important question is what this portends for the future of both traditional newspapers and new media aggregators: is this an experimental quirk, soon to be forgotten, or the first step of a mutually beneficial and game-changing shift in the relationship between the two? Should we expect to hear about similar deals in the near future?

Author Bio:- Lisa Shoreland is currently a resident blogger at Go college, where recently she’s been researching grants to pay for college and free grants for education. In her spare time, she enjoys creative writing and hogging her boyfriend’s PlayStation 3. To keep her sanity she enjoys practicing martial arts and bringing home abandon animals.

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