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Fix and Repair Window 7 Common issues and problems

Window 7 is the latest windows released by Microsoft, but unfortunately there are some problems and issues with windows 7.  Which are making troubles in your computer usage. These are 21 problems and which can effect your computer performance. Below is the list of all these 21 issues. If you are using windows 7 and facing any problem listed below then don’t worry because here is a solution for you. Check the list if the issue you are facing is available or not.

Common Problems and Issues in Window 7

  1. System Try
  2. Slow Shut Down
  3. Enable Task Manager
  4. Control Panel
  5. Themes Changes
  6. Slow Thumbnails
  7. Slow Menu
  8. Update Shut Down
  9. Task Bar Properties
  10. Enable Command Prompt
  11. Win-X Shortcuts
  12. Restore Aero Function
  13. Enable Registry Editor
  14. Disable IPv6
  15. Enable Folder Option
  16. No DVD Drive
  17. Reboot After Update
  18. Installer Crash
  19. Task Bar Context
  20. Display Properties
  21. Enable IPv6

If you found any of the above listed issue or problem in your computer, then don’t worry because here is a 100% working solution for you.

Download 7 Quick Fix and install it in your PC. Run the program and wait for the process. This software will fix all the above listed issues and problems. After fixing these issues you will see increase in the speed of your PC.
Credit [webtrickz]

Delete Junk Files from Windows to increase the speed of your windows.

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