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Five Ways to Stick To Your Goals for The Year 2012

With the new year just around the corner the most clichéd aspect of which is setting up New Year resolutions. But it hardly happens that we keep up to these resolutions and it’s all forgotten in the hustle and bustle of the days following the New Year.

Therefore, it is better to formalize a plan in contrast to resolution since they are never executed in the first place. The plan may start off with the basic stuff as to what you would like to do or achieve in the coming months. Though it would be all very vague but you definitely need some ground to lay the foundation of your aims.

So now let’s look into five areas of focus that would help you put in the right mood of setting up some goals for the coming year 2012.

1# Think Big

Think of something big that you would want to achieve in the next year. This could be something very subtle or something substantial about which you have nothing concrete in your hands at the moment. This is important for the next step for which you have to align your vision in that path. All important aspect of your life with respect to profession, love, spirituality, health etc should be put forth in consideration. Come up with something that is realistic which you can really achieve.

2# Focus

Highlight that one key aspect that you thing is capable of life a turning event in your life. Writing it all down can make all the difference for you can see and feel for the coherency that can bring you closer to the aim. Here it is also imperative to keep reviewing it in terms of enhancement and a follow up of whether you are there on the path or you have lost your aim in the mist.

3# Get targeted

Once you have started listing your goals organize them in sequence as to what is your first priority, what would fall second, etc. Then start assigning deadlines or rather milestones so that you are under the timeline both back and forth as to what has to be achieved in the designated time frame. Here what you can do is break your goal in to smaller constituents which would in turn make it more tangible in a matter of few months or rather weeks.

4# Get Moving

As soon as you have been able to formulate some vague plan it is important to make a move instantly. Be clear headed and do something for it no matter how subtle or little it is. Make an effort for even that small input of yours for it would constantly remind you your motives and its worth in your life in the long run. This is a great way of keeping it in your line of sight and actually working towards it.

5# Celebrate every milestone

Feel the excitement whenever you are able to achieve even the smallest that would bring you closer to what you want. Take pictures at the heat of the moment, maintain a journal or a diary and celebrate for it would keep the spark in you.

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