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Five Best iPhone Applications to Increase Your Productivity at Work

Present day mobiles phones are not for just making phone calls but have other uses like entertainment, connectivity to the net and for business activities. High end mobiles like smart phones are being used to assist business activities with the help of applications. As the name suggests these smart phones are really smart! When it comes to smart phones, iPhones from Apple take the cake. Being the path breaker in the smart phone industry, these phones bring some amazing applications that simplify your personal and professional life to a significant extent.

You can install an appropriate application and make use of your mobile phone in a better manner. There are a number of applications available in the market which greatly improves productivity in a business environment. While the user has to buy a lot of these applications, there are many which are available free of cost.


This app allows you to create an eye catching presentation and a smarter way to share your information. It is also compatible with Cloud computing, thereby enabling you to access your presentation from any device. What is more, you can create, edit and present your information from all your smart devices. This application allows you to insert tables, charts, or to even edit them right on the slides. You can add movies and photos to your presentation so as to make your presentation very attractive to watch.

Dragon Dictation

The app has the ability to convert speech to text. This application makes it convenient for the boss to dictate a memo or a letter which can be viewed as a text message by his secretary for typing. The application also helps convert voice to text so that one can send text and email or tweet. The application even allows the transcript in a text file to be recorded. A variation is iTalk Recorder which records and stores sound files which can be accessed later.


This is a mobile application useful for business people who want internet access on the go. You can update your website, check email or can even handle online transactions with your laptop, while on the move. The mobile phone is used as a modem to connect your laptop to the internet.

Invoicing software

Another useful application which is useful to businessmen on a regular basis, this application can be used to send invoices quickly, without waiting to reach your office, for goods sold to the customers. Under this category both paid and free applications are available. Some of the paid versions are; Get Paid, Invoice Maker, Quick Invoice and Time Werks. Few important free applications available are Invoice To Go Lite, Smart Invoice, InvoTrak and Get Paid Lite.

Dragon Medical Mobile Search

This interesting application immensely helps all doctors and others related to the medical profession. With the help of this application, a medical professional speaks his request into the phone. The software shows search results accessed from medical websites on the phone’s screen. The information is regarding symptoms, diagnosis, medication and any other useful information pertaining to the query.

With nearly 250,000 applications available ranging from entertainment to business, you can have a great time choosing ones that are most suitable for you.

Author Bio:- John is an Avid blogger who is passionate about Internet & Mobile based services like online insurance etc. He recommends HGV Licence.

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