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Fitness Marketing – How to Build a Site that Sells

Nowadays, most fitness professionals are using the internet to sell their products and services. The following is a formula that has proven effective in building a website that sells.

1. Header and graphic

Have an attractive and catchy header which contains your logo, as well as company name. Make sure this section is small and loads quickly.

2. The headline with a guarantee

This is the single most vital section of your site. The effectiveness of your sales message will be largely dependent on this headline. Make sure it guarantees the reader BIG benefits

3. Credentials and testimonials

This is the part where you prove that you are qualified by presenting your credentials, as well as testimonials from happy clients/customers.

4. Problem section

This is the section where you talk about your reader’s problem and convince them that they need a solution. However, don’t offer them the solution yet. Only build frustration in them regarding their problem and assure them that you empathize.

5. Introduce the solution

Here, you can now tell readers about your service or product. If you are offering a product, make sure you have a clear photo of it. Remember to keep it small so that it loads quickly.

6. Describe the benefits

This is where you convince your reader that your service or product has the ability to solve all the problems mentioned earlier. In this section, bullet points are very effective. Make it as compelling and alluring as possible. At the end of this section, the reader should be convinced that your service or product as the ultimate answer they have been looking for.

7. Give an irresistible offer

Once you have told readers all the benefits they can get, restate your main benefit. Offer bonuses so as to encourage people to order your products or services. For instance, if you are selling weight loss training DVDs, you could offer free fitness-related eBooks as a bonus. In addition, you could offer a special, limited discounted price to the first people who order your products or services. This will create a sense of urgency in your readers and will motivate them to act fast. Giving irresistible offers is one of the main strategies for my site which promotes weight watchers promo codes and Bistro md coupons.

8. Offer a guarantee

You need to offer a guarantee when selling on the internet. Make sure your guarantee is very bold so as to get a good response from your readers. If you have confidence in your service or product, then it will be easier for you to offer a powerful guarantee.

9. Call for action

If this section is left out, then your site will not achieve its objective. Therefore, make sure you ask for the sale. Tell your reader clearly and directly what they need to do to get your service or product. Mention your main benefit(s) once more, and then ask for a sale.


Even if you have very good copy on your site, very few people will buy on their first visit. Therefore, it is very important to have a lead generator. This will help you build a list which will enable you to stay in touch with your visitors. Pop-up windows offering free newsletters, reports or mini-courses are usually very effective.  You could also ask visitors to opt-in using a form on your website.

Author Bio:- Charles Mburugu is a technology lover. He recently shared a promotion code for weight watchers and Bistro md coupon code in YouLoveCoupons, a coupon blog. He also blogs about exceptional coupon and discount deals such as Bistro md discounts and weight watchers coupons.

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  • William@ Budget Web Design

    April 11, 2012, 4:14 pm

    Great! I enjoyed your post. Is there any online website or agency available other than direct contact to costumer? I would be thankful to you if you please search some list and post them in your next update. Looking forward you next update.

  • Shahzad Bashir

    April 10, 2012, 11:43 pm

    First of all I would like to congratulate you to become 4th top earning professional blogger from Pakistan. I just found your blog by searching some different content for my blog actually. I went through your latest article and found how concisely you have discussed over this important subject. You have great insight & obviously I re visit your blog shortly. Thanks for sharing.


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