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Finding Waldo: Finding Brand Mavens on Social Media

Finding any kind of specific input over social media platforms can be like finding a needle in a haystack. From business connecting links or preferences to additional information supplied by the user, because of the bewildering array of items linked to personal profiles, the busy nature of main social media venues like Facebook makes it hard for companies to really get the kinds of actionable intelligence they want to have in order to practice customer outreach, increase visibility, grow the footprint of their business or polish a brand.

One big task that marketers have is to find specific people with a large social following who would be interested in promoting your brand to their followers. These people are often referred to as social media brand mavens. Mavens have a winning combination of enthusiasm for a business and its products and services, along with the ability to generate attention on social media platforms. Again, successfully finding these individuals can be a very detailed game of pursuit with a lot of web investigation thrown in the mix.

Panning the Landscape for Brand Mavens

In looking for the kinds of individuals who will help successfully promote a business, there is a lot of related work that often goes on before these kinds of connections happen. Businesses will want to have developed ideas of how many people have linked to a business site or what preferences those people have expressed on social media, along with how individuals are linked together to support a company.

After doing this kind of initial research, there may be a natural emergence of certain key people who are at the core of social media groups instead of at the fringes. Generally, as those who are doing the research look through the kinds of social media interactions that may be scattered across a platform, they will find these individuals coming up time and time again with different kinds of participation and involvement. This is one main way to build a list of people who can be extremely helpful to business goals.

Here are five tools to help you dig out the right people:

  • WeFollow
  • Klout
  • PeerIndex
  • Alltop
  • FollowerWonk

Connecting with Brand Mavens

Because so much of what is done on social media is revolves around individual privacy, it’s usually not possible for companies to simply monitor individuals for input. What works better for a lot of businesses is to simply recognize continual customers who are loyal to a brand, and to offer them specific accommodations based on the work that they have done voluntarily.

This often means generating a discount campaign for preferred customers or some other kind of customer loyalty campaign that works in the same ways that blue-chip businesses hand out their own incentives to loyal customers.

With a combination of the right research and the right outreach, businesses can identify and reward those who have really boosted their visibility and helped to evangelize their brand over social media and in other kinds of web connected venues.

Alicia is a content coordinator for a tech company. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, cooking healthy meals, and buying Mustang parts for her GT Mustang convertible.

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