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Find The Best Internet Connection For You!

In this age where almost everything relies on technology and its innovation, one of the key beneficiaries of this is the field or the aspect of communication. Communication is when there is an interaction between parties and several ideas or concepts are being exchanged. In this process, timeliness is the big factor in its success. Timeliness in a way that everything’s fast or in real time for the old way of talking via snail mails is almost gone due to several reasons.

The internet makes everything almost achievable in the line of communication. It makes the world smaller and the separation between people diminished through wires and cables. One can talk to his friend from another country in real time via different platforms or applications that cater to video calls online and not spend a lot of money on phone cards because of calling overseas.

Too Many Choices

But to achieve the above mentioned real time communication online, high speed internet is needed. Getting an internet connection is not a problem nowadays because of the abundance of telecommunication companies that provide internet service that offer, what they claim, internet connection that’s fast and reliable among others.

Almost all internet service providers advertise their services in a way that will definitely capture the eyes of a prospective subscriber. This makes it hard for a person to choose from them but in truth, not all of those that some providers claim to offer are true. So one should be critical in choosing an internet service provider because it definitely can affect your internet experience and also take a lot of money from you.

How Do You Choose?

A lot of companies provide internet connectivity to people for a price. This services are paid on a monthly basis that sometimes have a lockin period wherein you cannot cut your subscription until a certain time is met or achieved. Some service plans provide a little extra to further attract prospective subscribers such as free softwares, a web mail host, or an email.

The above mentioned free stuff are okay, but one should know that those don’t necessarily should affect your decision-making. One should keep in mind that the central role or factor in choosing an internet service provider is the type of connection technology because it can determine the speed of your internet connection.

Types of Connection Technology

There are five connection technology available for use nowadays. These are the modem dial-up, DSL or cable, ISDN, wireless access services, and leased lines.

  • Model dial-up

This is the traditional way of connecting to the internet and is expected to provide a maximum data rate of 56kbps making it the slowest internet speed one can have.

  • Digital Subscriber Lines (DSL) or Cable

Affordable and easily accessible, DSL is somehow making its rounds to the home market. A lot of providers are also claiming DSL for its high-speed internet connection with a data rate of a above 1mbps.

  • Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN)

Being the first one to provide the idea of simultaneous voice and data support over telephone lines, only a data rate of 128kbps  is provided over the same line to network providers. To add to that, this connection is comparatively high in price range.

  • Wireless Access Services

The idea of mobility and wireless internet appeal to many that’s why this kind of connection is now being rampantly subscribed to. The price of this kind of connection depends on the speed or the data rates thus making it flexible to the needs of a subscriber.

  • Leased Lines

Leased lines, or dedicated internet connections, are considered as the fastest and most reliable internet connection there is. It is expensive but considering the speed, it lives up to its potential.

With this knowledge in hand, you sure will be able to find the best and suitable internet connection for you!

Author Bio:- Jackie  dedicates her time writing and getting more information about the internet and its services at Broadband Expert.

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