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Favorist-Manage and Save Information You Found On The Web

If you are not able to save or remember your information related to the web, then you can use Favorist, which will save all your information and you will never lose any information found on the web. You can save your important websites URL, Login information,Passwords, etc, and then you can simply find all the information using its own search engine. You can also share your iwebpages with your friends etc.

Access your information using Favorist from any where the world. Favorist make it easy for you to remember your information and you will never lost any information you found on the web.

Favorist Features

  • Manage your websites with fast and ease
  • Import favourites from IE and FireFox automatically
  • Open the files and folders in your computer within 1-2 seconds
  • Compatible with all Web Browsers
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Access your information from any where
  • Make your information Password protected
  • Use your own search engine to find your information
  • Define keywords to find your information easily
  • Ne need to install extension for all web browsers.

You can see a simple screen shot of Favorist.

favorist- manage and share web content

Download Favorist. Start adding your favorite information and save it. Don’t forget to try ingboo which keeps you update about latest information.

Download Favorist- Manage and Save information

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