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Fake Accounts on Twitter

Millions of people all over the world create new accounts on different social networks each day. Internet services opened a new page in the history of population by allowing them to find the cheapest and most convenient means of communication, i.e. via sending short messages.

Twitter as a huge social network is not an exception too. Each day the number of new users increases. But along with personal accounts there is a great increase in fake accounts. Here we can distinguish between two kinds of fake accounts: fake accounts created by spammers and the ones created for parody, fun and laughter. The difference between these two is obvious.

If a user is a victim of spammers, it means somebody has stolen their identity and created a new account, there are a number of ways to unhide that user. The first step is to add that account into your friend and try to talk with him/her using different gestures and even sweet notes. Your main aim is of course to get that address.

Via e-mail ask all kinds of questions trying to start a communication. The second step is to look through all your received mails, because the header contains all IP addresses of servers involved. Do everything possible and impossible to track your account duplicator. On the website there is also a button that while pressing allows to identify the place and location of the sender. So one can easily find out from where that tweet was sent.

Some users claim that they get tweets sent by Twitter. One should always keep in mind that Twitter never sends tweet with attachments and never requires your personal mail.

What refers to fake accounts created for parody or fun there is nothing to worry. They are just to amuse and make laughter. These accounts are usually profiles created with famous personalities’ name and photos.

Social networking giant Twitter has lots of fake accounts. Knowing all tips will help users to avoid unpleasant situations when facing the problem of fake accounts.

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