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Facebook’s New trend of Gamified Marketing Strategy

With time passing official marketing pages are growing on Facebook as an outcome of this trend of gamification too is getting a new pace. It attracts large number of people for social interaction from all around the globe. Facebook started as a social networking site and with time passing turned into the largest market of the world. Facebook filtering strategy and filtering the taste and likes and choices of its users from the profile has helped many companies and industries to reach its target audience.

By putting simple advertisements on the side bars of whatever page FB user is on, make user like it if it interests him or her. Through this saga of liking and disliking help Facebook in deciding what kind of stuff will interest that particular person. Once Facebook has confirmed about the particularities and field of interest, the task of that product marketing begins. Through profile updates and pictures exposure of the target audience is enhanced and multiplied to the level that the person fail to control its desires and desires somewhere start dominating the basic needs.

Gamified Elements of Marketing

Though the new trend on Facebook has made the marketing a game in itself but in this new trend line the best ways to lead from the front is through infusing your marketing strategy with gamified elements. The only way to keep the interest of the audience alive is through driving a strategy which can fill up the gap between the clicks and relevant activity for the audience.

For further manipulation of the emotions and the desires of the target audience many multinational companies and brands have started hiring professionals which come with their creative brainchild to force the target audience to take some positive action in the favor of the companies. As an immediate reaction of uncontrollable desires the target audience likes different photos of the products which come up with its details and stuff liking and sharing and talking about their latest love for particular product satisfy them for a while but in this condition if you get a chance of winning the product you were dying hard to get, obviously you will do anything for that.

Similarly the new marketing strategy of many companies has started introducing the gaming technique as an integral part of their social media marketing. If we talk about Facebook the new trend of games and competitions is all around. Marketing department don’t have to invest as much as they use too as single product can do that, you have different giveaway contest in which your audience market the product for you with the hope that they will enter the lucky draw for the that particular product they are marketing for, it can be camera, cell phone, dress, cosmetics, etc.

What you do is organize a simple giveaway contest, with simple steps such as;

  • Like our page
  • Follow us on Google+
  • Share the photo of the product
  • Keep that photo as your Display Picture for the extra 5 points
  • Get as many likes as possible for increasing your chance of winning
  • And you have entered the lucky draw wait for the results

By doing this you have disseminated the message of the company to millions, Marketing department of that company can do some rest while you give your best and indirectly have also reduced your chance of winning since more people by now will be willing to take part in it.

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