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Facebook’s New Contest Rules and How to Deal With Them?

Facebook just got more buzzing. Lesser chances to feel blue! It has enabled businesses (be it big or small) to create and administer promotions. These promotions can be administered on the page timeline as well as on in-apps on Facebook. This gives businesses an array of opportunities.

They can collect entries eitherby having users post, message, comment or like on a post on the page. An added benefit is that they can come to use all the likes as a voting mechanism. Let’s figure out more about the new rules, thumbs ups and boos of this catchy feature:

faceboon contest rules

Image source: Microsoft clip art gallery

Two elixirs

Remember to include the following two bullet points when you create your promotions:

  • You have to acknowledge that the promotion isn’t endorsed, sponsored, or administered by Facebook.
  • Facebook’s complete release by every contest entrant.

Adhere to tagging rules

The tagging process has strict guidelines as to ‘who’ and ‘what’ can/cannot be tagged.

  • You cannot tag yourself in content where you aren’t present.
  • You can ask people to send names of a new product to win a prize.
  • You cannot ask people to tag themselves in the new product’s pictures anymore.

Simple massive reach

Now if you want the world to know about your latest product, it is quite simple. You can have contests wherein fans need to only comment. All you need to do is create a post about your new product. Upload a beautiful picture of your product, and ask your fans to suggest names. Pick one name that you like. And it’s time to announce the winner.

Also, by posting your promotion to your page’s timeline, your post will be displayed on the home page of all your fans.

Lower budgets

The new contest rules not only serve as a voting mechanism or tactic to collect entries, but these can lower promotion budgets for brands. At the same time, a brand’s engagement with audiences will escalate.

For example, a brand can now set up its contest without having to look for a third party app. Also a contest (that claims to gift a prize) attracts more audiences. This will help audiences reinforce this particular brand that is holding a contest.

Drawbacks to keep in mind

This fairly recent feature has its drawbacks too. Once you receive thousands of entries, it is almost impossible to sort these out to pick out a winner. Plagiarism can creep in, that too, in abundance.

With the previously released feature of ‘edit’, users can edit their comments based on other comments. You must also know that users can be unpredictable. As there is no registration in the first place, users can delete their entries once the contest terminates.

Before you get your hands on creating the contest, be sure of what your goal is. To publicise your new product? To expand your email contacts? Or, to shoot up the ‘likes’ on your page?

Having a clear idea about your goal willhelp you create your contest around your goal. For instance, if your goal is to increase visibility of your new product, begin by giving some of it away to the winners.

Once your contest goes up the blue page, promote, promote and promote yet again.

Editor’s Note: VaniChugh is the founder of VOM (Vani Online Media)–A Content Writing and Marketing Company based in India.

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