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Facebook to Introduce Redesigned Timeline Pages

Making the switch to Timeline itself created a huge stir with Facebook users. Many still preferred writing on someone’s ‘Wall’ and the change was not welcome at first. However, things settled down as users began to see the true nature of Timeline. A convenient and slick way of keeping track of all your activity on the social networking site.

The start of innovations

Changes to Timeline began to appear as early as October, 2012. The social network picked out a few users on who’s profiles the changes would take place. This tweaking continued for quite some time as the festive season was in full swing, but a full scale change is just coming about. The folks at Facebook may have been mulling over these changes for quite some time, especially with the growing popularity of other social sites.

The Pinterest Threat

There is no denying the fact that Pinterest changed the social media equation dramatically. In the past, Facebook was (and still is) leading the pack. The number of individuals that signed up daily and users spending time on their Timelines was testament to this fact. However, all that changed with the entry of the online pinning site.

Pinterest, with its simple layout and interesting appeal, attracted a large number of followers. No other social networking site managed to touch Facebook’s standing at the top. This could be one of the main reasons why the social networking site is looking at providing users with a better ‘Timeline experience’.

The Changes

New Zealand is usually the first country where Facebook tries out its changes. It comes as no surprise that New Zealanders are still getting used to subtle changes that have been made to their timeline.

The right side column

Here, you will now find fixed tabs that show you Recent Activity, Friends and non-messaging updates. Life Events cannot be stretched across the page like before, when starred.

The left side column

In the past, updates on your Timeline were available on both sides. This made it easier for a user to miss a post by a friend. By moving all updates to the left side, Facebook has made it easier to scroll down and find the post you’re looking for. There is a lot of space wasted on the right side. However, this should be a welcome change as it cleans up your Timeline and makes it look less cluttered.

Timeline Tabs

These tabs are a huge help and you can click on either one depending on your need. Situated just at the side of your profile picture, these tabs include ‘Timeline’, ‘About’, ‘Friends’, ‘Photos’ and ‘More’. The last tab brings up a range of acitivites such as Music, Maps, TV Shows, Movies and many more.

A more private Timeline?

Facebook’s decision to remove ‘Relationship Status’ from the Header will be a major talking point when these changes roll out globally. This could be the social network’s way of making profiles more private. In the past, Facebook has been criticized for providing too much information about individuals on a public platform.

Navigating Timeline has always been a pain for many users. Cleaning this issue up is what the new updates are all about. By moving to a tabbed design, the largest social network hopes to streamline your online experience.

Another interesting feature to watch out for will be drag-and-drop. This allows users to drag images into their publisher box and update their Timeline’s immediately. Only time will tell whether these changes further cement Facebook’s standing or make things more puzzling. Should Facebook have just let people get completely settled with the current Timeline?

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