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Facebook Rolls Out Flashy News Feed Design

The famous social website Goliath is all set to release a brand new news feed that is sure to thrill its fans to bits. We have all criticised Facebook to our heart’s content on its various flaws. It’s certain irritating qualities, be it the privacy settings and the spammed notifications, has been receiving flak at various discussion forums.  But Facebook is a necessary evil which has become much like a way of life for many of us and any new changes it floats, creates a lot of buzz and anticipation among its millions of users.

Most of us have the Facebook tab always on the open on our desktop throughout our time spent on the net and without consciously doing so we depend on it, for our daily media diet.  Thus it is a welcome move particularly, since the revamped news feed is expected to have much richer features and content. It would prompt the user to choose from four types of categories:

Following: It exclusively lists out the various news feeds from web pages liked by a particular user.

Photos: This exhibits nothing but photo and video feeds. All the photos liked and tagged by your friends could be followed through this feed.

All Friends: This link is for all the items that are shared by your friends.

Music: It contains all the posts related to music and all that is trending in the music world.

This time, Facebook has shown particular emphasis on its mobile strategy. So your android or iOS phones would receive a new update in the coming week. Facebook has acknowledged the growing number of users using its applications via tablets and iphones and the news feed is expected to be more accommodative of the needs of a mobile phone user. To borrow the phrase of Chris Cox, Vice President Facebook, the focus is on what he calls ‘mobile-designed methodology’.

This new change is the part of the overall scheme of a distinct shift towards mobile users, adopted by Facebook. Just the year before it had overhauled its design for Smartphone apps for a speedier performance and now this change in news feed design. This new design is rumoured to be cross-platform and will appear the same irrespective of whether use a laptop or a tablet. This latest announcement comes barely a month after the company announced its ‘Graph Search’ a latest aid to refine the search option for users.  So the shift is clearly towards richer visual and musical feeds.

This latest update will definitely contribute to a lesser clutter on your Facebook wall and also provide better organised content and features.  But that is not all, you also get to post a content or a video from other third party applications and can view them with clarity based on the integrated settings. The design is inspired by applications like Instagram and brings about superior visuals while still maintaining the required amount of interactivity. Overall it is all set to be a visual treat. If you are pininterest and instagram user you could link your page to Facebook accounts and view them with supreme clarity.

Zuckerberg, the wunderkind head of this Social giant, had hinted on change to photo and video feed in the quarterly meeting held recently and looks like the RND team has worked overtime to give the user a visual treat. With all its more than well – documented flaws (complicated privacy settings and ads that hide your updates to name a few) Facebook might be losing its place as the most preferred social website to other well organized sites like Twitter. But we still depend on it for maintaining our contact registry and content discovery needs among others. So any change to increase our Facebook experience is a welcome one and if you are the impatient kind, you can beta test the new feed by logging on to facebook.com/about/newsfeed.

Author Bio:- Andrea Walters, a freelance writer for www.GlobalX.net – The Nation’s Lowest All-Digital Price Provider. GlobalX Communications

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  • Pankaj

    March 13, 2013, 10:52 pm

    thanks for the update, lookinf forward for using this new facebook news feeds. hope is more attractive than before..


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