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Facebook introduced Trending Topics – Useful for Marketers & Bloggers

Twitter already has similar feature where they show you the hot and trending topics based on public conversation. Now facebook.com has introduced similar feature on the name of “Trending Topics” based on the private conversation. This new feature is rolling out on all the facebook accounts in phases in the coming two weeks. The roll out started from 16th January 2014 and slowly it will be available in phases to all the facebook users.

FaceBook Trending Topics

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Now with the introduction of “Trending Topics” it will open new doors for the marketers and blogger community to cash in from the topics that are the most trending on Facebook.com. Although it seems a very helpful feature for the users but personally I think it is more profitable for the facebook itself. Marketers will now be able to see what is hot on facebook and they will target the community via FaceBook Advertising which ultimately will increase facebook profit.

The “Trending Topics” section will be added at the top of the right sidebar in the news feed section of the users account. The criteria for listing a topic in the trending topics is based on the following factors.

  • Users Interest
  • The authority of the peoples commenting on the topic
  • The number of people talking about it.

Facebook then displays the most trending topics in sidebar with a headline and little description of the topic. User can click on the headline to further view details.

Overall the feature looks useful for both users and facebook itself. However once it is implemented on all the facebook accounts we will be able to further discuss about its advantages for the marketers and blogger community.

What is your opinion about this new feature in terms of marketing?

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