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Facebook Graph Search Optimization- Prepare your Business Page

Keeping its rich tradition of introducing innovative features intact Facebook has launched its new feature coined as Facebook Graph Search. Currently Graph search has been launched in the beta version for the English users only. According to the reports this innovative option will be available to all facebook users within few weeks. However you can join the waitlist for getting a quick access to this wonderful feature as soon as possible.

Facebook Graph Search Optimization

What is Graph Search?

Graph search is a new facebook search algorithm aimed at providing much specific search results. It is important to know that facebook graph search is not a web search engine like Google or Bing; rather than it is an innovative search engine that will provide you specific search results based facebook account information & activity of your friends. Now Facebook will answer to your specific search queries about People, Places, photos and Interests.

How to prepare your Business page for Graph Search

Facebook Inc has already proclaimed graph search as the third main pillar of facebook after Newsfeed and timeline. After the full launch graph search will be recognized way of exploring and landing on facebook pages therefore it means a lot for businesses. No matter you are driving lot of traffic from facebook fan page to your blog or a website OR you are using Fan page to motivate fans to pay donations for your NGO; now you need to revise your facebook strategy.

Facebook has already given few clues on how to best optimize your page for upcoming graph search feature. So in light of that information you need to focus on certain things to ensure that your Business page is highly optimized to be shown frequently in the search results.

Fan page Name

Name of the Fan page along the about us page will be important to optimize your page for the graph search results. Therefore it would be sensible to add generic name of your business as a prefix or suffix. Like if the name of your restaurant Fan page is “1 UP” so now it should be “1 Up restaurant”. This way the likelihood of your page being shown in the search results will be higher as people search will search with generic names like “Restaurant in New York that John visited” Instead of the names of the brands or Businesses.

About Us

Likewise you need to tweak the about us section in order to make it facebook algorithm friendly. Now it is better to use some important keywords in about us section that closely related to your business. For example you can use words like Blogging tips, SEO, SMO in about us section for the page optimization. If you

Vanity URL

If you haven’t got the vanity URL of your business page so it is right time to claim it now. Vanity url with right keyword allow graph search to show your page in the upper search results.

More Likes, More share, more comments

Facebook wants to make search results more users friendly therefore the graph search will show pages and photos with more likes, comments and shares in the higher ranks. It means that businesses can automatically get the greater exposure through graph search if the user engagement is high on their pages. Therefore for running a successful facebook campaign it has become essential for businesses to invest in quality of content on their fan pages. Remember that quality content will automatically increase user engagement and thus increase in new fans (those who visited the page through graph search), and rise in leads.

About the Author:- Khawaja Muhammad Adil is Blogger and Social Media enthusiast. Currently he is managing careNfashion.com where he speaks about Mens style.

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