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Exploring the new and Ungraded iOS6 from Apple

iOS 6 is now out and many people are spending time to explore the features of this newly released operating system. Upgrading to iOS 6 makes sense if you are a proud owner of few specific devices such as the latest versions of iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. It is a tad disappointing for those who are still faithful to the predecessors.

Apple’s iOS6 map to offer stiff competition to Google Maps app

Google map is quite popular all over the world, but it is now facing stiff competition from the iOS 6 map app. The new version has few changes that may not go down well with those who are used to a lot of detail. But it is not surprising as Google is already in this area for over five years and it has taken their time to make relevant changes based of customers’ feedback.

On a more positive note, many users who have downloaded the new version say that it offers very accurate positioning and will benefit from the turn-by-turn directions feature. But as we tend to focus more on the negatives than the positives, it will really bother us if a place is misspelled or if the app takes us to the wrong destination. Apple can correct this problem if it focuses on being as comprehensive as Google map.

The Mail app lets users add pictures from within an email

Previously users had to spend quite some time in emailing pictures as they had to either paste an image into the body of the email or go to the email from the Photos app. All these are now things of the past as iOS 6 lets you add a photo or video directly from within an email. Apple has also included a VIP option that allow users to keep all important emails at one place.

You may also dig the Passbook feature in the new iOS 6 that works as your own personal space to keep stuff like passes from other apps, tickets, coupons and similar things. This will appeal to travelers who can transfer their boarding passes in Passbook and get them screened at the airport checkpoints. Other interesting features of the updated version include setting notifications for ignored calls and a new Safari offline reading tool.

We get a new release of iOS every year and apps continuously improve each time. No harm in tapping the ‘upgrade now’ button when you see it on your phone!

Author Bio:- Sven Latimer has been a blogger for over 10 years. His most recent work includes writing technology articles for Appsmylife. Sven is very trendy and up to date in the field of mobile technology and he enjoys providing value and personality in his content.

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