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Explore Ins and Outs of Domain Name Search Availability

A domain name is given to a particular website for the convenience of web users to remember site address for browsing that specific particular website. Of course, most of the users will agree with me on the point that it is easier to remember a simple name rather than an IP address. In technical terms, the website address is comprised of two main parts, namely an extension and a domain name.

Let’s take an example to make it clear

In Yahoo.com, “Yahoo” is the name of the domain and “.com” is the extension given to it. Some of the popular extensions that associated with websites include .net, .org, .com and .info. Interestingly, there are more than 210 domain extensions found throughout the world that gives flexibility to the users to choose any preferable domain extension.

  • Due to security issues, country code top level domain (ccTLD) purchased by a buyer should be a citizen of the country or should he/she should have business license for it. However with the advancement of technology, domain extensions are registered online from anywhere in the world without undergoing a complex procedure and time-consuming paper work. It is one of the most important features of domain name search procedure.

In case, you wish to own a particular domain name, one should check its availability. Most of the domain names are registered with “.com” which simply means that it is one of the most popular extensions used worldwide.

What are the potential factors that can turn a name into a perfect domain name for your business website?

There are some simple tips that a buyer should keep in mind when performing domain name search and purchasing perfect domain names for their website. Have a look at some of common tips:

  • Make sure you choose easy-to-remember, short and simple name for your website so that all the users can memorize it easily. Domain name which is difficult to remember may affect the traffic as no one would visit it due to difficulty of keeping it in mind.
  • Secondly, while you are choosing domain name, prefer going through options that are relevant to your business. Irrelevant domain names will not give any hint about your business to the web users, resulting in disinterest of the customers.
  • One should ensure relevance of domain extension to the country where website is needed to be promoted. Apparently, it becomes easy for most of the users to think of domain extension that are related to country in some or the other manner.
  • In case, you are stuck in a situation where domain name is already purchased by other buyer but not yet built website, there may be a chance that they are waiting to give it to other business owners for right price. Try purchasing it from that registrant without overpaying for it.

Getting there…

When you are planning to create an online business website, look for suitable domain name and associated extension to give flexibility to web users to remember existence of your business portal.

Author Bio:- Stella Joseph is an experience writer in internet marketing world. She has learned various aspects of internet marketing and has strategized various ways to succeed. She is a graduate and enthusiastic about blogging. She has shown her expertise in her several write-ups, where she has discussed about SEO/SEM, Domain Name Search, web hosting, website building and various other aspects of digital marketing and websites.

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